Vessels by Studio Vit

exquisite combination of crystal glass and bone china

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2018年,Vessels器皿在MDR画廊的个展中首次亮相,该系列是Studio Vit第一次大规模自主生产的设计。

Vessels was launched at a solo exhibition at MDR Gallery in 2018. The collection is studio vit’s first self-produced design on a large scale.

▼器皿概览,overview of the Vessels © Annabel Elston


Vessels is a collection of handmade vessels in crystal glass and bone china. Each piece is unique varying slightly in shape and thickness. The collection consists of three glasses and two carafes in crystal glass, and two cups and a jug in bone china. The crystal glass is as thin as possible, challenging what is possible to achieve with the material. The bone china is delicate and fine, reminiscent of eggshell. The Vessels are light and thin, emphasising a sense of closeness to the liquid which heightens the experience of drinking.

▼精致的水晶玻璃与骨瓷,exquisite crystal glass and bone china © Annabel Elston

▼骨瓷令人联想到蛋壳,the bone china reminiscent of eggshell © Annabel Elston

▼增进饮用体验,heightening the experience of drinking © Annabel Elston

▼外包装,the packages © Annabel Elston


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更多关于他们:Studio Vit on gooood


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