The amazing combination of textile and vases

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Appreciation towards KAAREM x LG Vase for providing the following description:

我们的工作室采取和其他工作室合作的方式将我们工作室的实践推到新的领域中。从我们最早的项目开始,我们就通过和别人合作,交流彼此的设计思想、技能和方法来探索设计的内在价值。每次的合作对话都开拓了新的可能性,并将这种可能拓展到工作室日常实践之外。今年春天,Sight Unseen公司带着他们公司的关于“Field Studies”项目的简要提案找到了我们,希望我们加入一个非常受重视的创意创作里,做出一个有利于慈善事业的原创作品。因此,我们决定和曾经合作过的服装品牌KAAREM再次联手进行创作。KAAREM公司专注于材质,形式,空间动向,这和我们的理念完美契合。我们的任务是在保持Kaarem织物的轻飘质感的同时,改变其物质形态和功能。因此,我们运用树脂浇铸的方法,神奇地将Kaarem织物定格在了悬浮状态,创造出一系列独一无二的插花底座和花瓶,表现出一种静态的轻盈感。我们的合作方式很多样化——无论是将想法应用于环境里,和天才手艺人一起超越边界,策展,还是协调研调会,这些对我们工作室的探索方法来说都是至关重要的。

Our studio thrives on collaborations to push our studio practice to new territories. Since our earliest projects, we’ve discovered the intrinsic value by working with others to exchange ideas, skills, and approach – each collaborative conversation opens up new possibilities while expanding beyond our day-to-day studio practice. This spring, Sight Unseen approached us with a simple brief for their project ‘Field Studies’:  collaborate with a respected creative to create an original object to benefit charity.  We responded by expanding upon our previous collaborations with clothing brand KAAREM, who’s focus on materiality, form, and movement in space is perfectly aligned with our ethos. Our mission was to transform the materiality and function of Kaarem’s textiles while preserving its magically etherial spirit. Through the method of resin casting, we were able to achieve a feeling of still lightness by suspending the Kaarem textile magically in a clear block form creating a series of one-of-a-kind Ikebana bases and vases. Our collaborations come in many forms – whether it’s applying our ideas to an environment, pushing boundaries of process with talented craftspeople, curating exhibitions, or coordinating workshops, these projects are critical to our studio’s explorative approach.

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