Oil Painting Series by Angela Santana

Her work is powerful rather than pleasing

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违禁影像在网络上的泛滥反映出了当今社会对于此类事物的巨大需求和其本身的迅速滋生。居住在纽约的瑞士艺术家Angela Santana对这种现象的伦理性提出了质疑,她认为这会扭曲集体意识中对于女性的认知。在该系列中,艺术家将互联网视为她的现代缪斯,这些“违禁”的影像也成为了其作品的一部分。

The mass of illicit images online mirrors its vast demand in society today as well as the fast pace of its consumption. Angela Santana is not only questioning the ethics of this phenomenon that has helped shape and distort the perception of women in our collective consciousness. She is applying these images in her work by embracing the internet as her modern day muse.






With her unique technique she disrupts the classic approach to oil paint; an extremely time consuming process whereby Santana composes each art work digitally in hundreds of layers, radically deconstructing and reinterpreting it. She is allowing the digital anomalies and flaws to drench into her work – before bringing it onto large scale canvases in oil. These demanding larger than life figures and close-up portraits dominate the space in scale, forcing to decelerate speed – both in its creation and for the viewer. Santana emphasises the strength and permanence of her work through the medium of oil painting: An antagony to the fleeting digital thumbnail.




Angela Santana的作品捕捉了尖锐的数字化处理和钝性的油画笔触之间的强烈对比,在与女性躯体的结合下产生出一种独特的张力。她的实践是一种对古典、对保守、对以男性为主导的行业乃至他们所描绘的女性形象的拒绝与反抗。她的作品要传达的是力量而非愉悦。对绘画过程的剖解使她能够打破传统并向现状发出质疑。

Her works capture the strong contrast of the sharp digital process and rigid brushstroke that combine with the organic shapes of the female body, resulting in an empowering reinterpretation. The new subject having been transformed and shifted from objectification – the object has become a subject. Her practice is the embodiment of rejecting the classical, conservative, male dominated industry and their depiction of women throughout history. Angela Santana’s work is powerful rather than pleasing. The disruption of the painting process allows Santana to break tradition and question the status quo.















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