Hefei Wantou Vanke Paradise Art Wonderland by Shanghai Tianhua architectural design co. LTD.

The fairy tale of “Snow White and the seven dwarfs”.

Project Specs


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Vanke Xinzhan Project Kindergarten is an education-supporting building for Vanke new residential area near Hefei new station. The planning and design of the project include a compact park, a 15-class kindergarten and a community image entrance of the supporting buildings of the style and pension. The early stage of the project serves as a demonstrating image of the new district life, creating a new and interesting commemorative scene, and integrating the high-quality collaborative projects in the landscape.

▼全景鸟瞰,aerial view


The design concept is the fairy tale of “Snow White and the seven dwarfs”. It fully considers the nature of kids aged 5-7 years old, and hopes that they would start to chase their dreams from this small world. It hopes that kids would grow up from the place where they have painted themselves, and lead a happy life in the future like real princess and prince. The building is composed of small houses of black and white which flexibly converges to the big while house in the center (Snow White). Open space is released around the center as play grounds. The project tries to imprint imagination in the scattered space, and evoke the memory of cozy family life.

▼单元的灰白体量对比,the comparison of the gray and white volume

▼充满趣味性的旋转楼梯,the serial stairs bring joy to the children

▼建筑入口,entrance of the building

▼户外游乐场地,the playground

▼夜色与灯光,night view







项目地址 (具体地址):合肥市瑶海区新站地块
设计团队:聂欣 高俊宁 路晓彤 曹祯 段向南
Project name: Vanke Xinzhan Project Kindergarten
Design company/architect: Shanghai Tianhua architectural design co. LTD.
Company website: http://www.thape.com/.
Project completion: 2017
Area: 6300 ㎡
Project address: Hefei City, Yaohai District
Design team: Nie Xin, Gao Junning, Lu Xiaotong, Cao Zhen, Duan Xiangnan.
Collaborator: landscape design: Australian Landscape Design Studio.
Interior design: Hong Kong Junjia Design Company.
Construction drawing design: Anhui Architectural Design Institute co. LTD.
Photographer: Nie Xin, Chengdu Archexist Architectural Photography co., LTD., Liao Guiheng.

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