Valerie objects by nendo

X-ray reflection skeleton image for tableware design

Project Specs


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该项目是为比利时家具和家居饰品品牌Valerie Objects设计的餐具套装系列。该设计中的餐具数量尽量简化,节约了制作所需的材料,但满足了日常餐具的所有功能。设计师提取X射线中反射出的骨架图像作为餐具的轮廓,这样的餐具外观更便于悬挂和存放在厨房的不同位置,其中茶匙还可以架在杯子的边缘。整套餐具包括四个器具:勺子、叉子、刀子和茶匙,以及一个专用的支架和墙上挂钩,以便展示存放整套餐具。餐具采用防划伤和防污渍的PVD涂层,有银色、黑色、铜色和金色四种不同颜色以供顾客选择。

▼设计草图,design sketch

A cutlery set designed for “the cutlery project”, a collection for the Belgian furniture and home accessories brand Valerie Objects.The cutlery has been reduced to the absolute minimum, limiting the amount of material used whilst still retaining its functionality, left remaining is the outline of the cutlery like the image of a skeleton reflected in an X-ray.It can be hooked and stored in various places in the kitchen and the teaspoon can be hooked onto the rim of the cup.There are four items, a spoon, fork, knife, and teaspoon, the set also has a dedicated stand and wall hook to display the set.The cutlery is PVD coated in four different colours, silver, black, copper and gold to provide an anti-scratch and dirt-repellent surface.

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