Valencia Lounge Hostel by Masquespacio

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Masquespacio设计事务最新的项目- 位于瓦伦西亚旧城内,总面积236平米,共有11间客房的瓦伦西亚休闲旅舍现已正式开放。

Masquespacio presents its last interior design project for Valencia Lounge Hostel, a hostel of 11 rooms distributed over 236 m2 situated in the old town of Valencia.

▽  公共空间,common space


002_MasquespacioInteriorDesignHostelValencia_Highres     003_MasquespacioInteriorDesignHostelValencia_Highres



The intervention realized by Masquespacio in the Valencia Lounge Hostel starts with a study of the previous status of the project’s building, containing typical elements from the Valencian homes of the 20th century with its vintage cement tiles and ceilings decorated with plaster molds that were maintained without modifications. On the other hand, the aim of the design was to convert the hostel in a more contemporary space with a kind of a ‘home coziness’, adding decorative elements that could draw attention of different customers and their lifestyle. Therefore, each room was designed with a different look, that could adapt to the personality of each personality. Thus we can recognize the room for the fans of surf, music or the actual ethnic trend. Another aspect to highlight is the use of graphic patterns through the whole project, realized by the Spanish creative consultancy for this project. Above with the purpose of bringing up a major personalized identity for the project all lamps, tables and decorative elements were designed exclusively by Masquespacio, with exception of the chairs and armchairs.

▽ 各具特色的房间,guest room with a different look






“我们想营造一种宾至如归的氛围,而最终我们打造出了这样一个地方,一个可以让你享受假期的同时,体验与世隔绝恣意做梦的感觉。”Masquespacio创意总监Ana Milena Hernández Palacios说。

Ana Milena Hernández Palacios, creative director of Masquespacio: “We wanted to recreate the feeling for the guests that they were staying in a home, but one that makes them dream, disconnect and live a new experience, while they are enjoying holidays.”






Client: Valencia Lounge Hostel
Design: Masquespacio
Photography: Luis Beltran

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