Urban Living – Residential Tower of Infra-Lightweight Concrete by Barkow Leibinger

Affordable housing providing perimeter balconies, light, ventilation, and views for the structures ‘ inhabitants. Apartments layouts is flexible.

Project Specs


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2013年”都市生活”竞赛提倡为柏林Karl-Marx Allee设计一个塔楼原型作为经济适用房。这里的建筑受Plattenbau战后城市历史的影响,曾建有大规模利用预制混凝土建造的保障性住房。设计提案建筑要灵活的布置在一个可以增加城市密度又不阻挡Plattenbau社区本身的日照和通风的地理位置上,还可以同时为住户提供阳台,良好的光线通风条件,和优美的景观。公寓可以被布置为开放式的阁楼或者传统的住宅布局。

The 2013 competition “Urban Living” called for affordable housing as prototypical point-towers along the Karl-Marx Allee in Berlin. Construction here reconsiders the history of postwar Plattenbau (precast concrete construction for mass social housing). The proposal is flexible urbanistically adding density where it can be placed within a multitude of Plattenbau neighborhood locations without blocking light and air while providing perimeter balconies, light, ventilation, and views for the structures’ inhabitants. Apartments can easily be configured as open, loft living or in more traditional room layouts.




在施工方面,建筑与Mike Schlaich一起开发了运用智能材料的住宅。钢筋作为垂直构造柱被嵌入到红外轻质结构板的预制过程,再安装到混凝土楼板。低密度,非承重的红外轻质混凝土比早期运用于汉堡的智能材料有更大的绝缘值。它不仅为钢筋提供了防火保护,通过包围硬化过程从而防止它们弯曲。建筑的墙板,限定为一种类型,堆叠成一条,增加了施工速度,降低了成本。

The construction concept – as with the Smart Material House – is being developed with Mike Schlaich. It embeds steel rods (vertical structural columns) into precast, infra-lightweight panels attached to concrete floor slabs. The low-density, infra-lightweight concrete (now non-load bearing) has a much greater insulation value than the earlier Smart Material scheme for Hamburg. It not only lends fire protection to the steel rods but, by encasing them, also stiffens and thus prevents them from buckling. The wall panels, limited to one type, are stacked in-line, increasing the speed of construction and reducing costs.

▼ 模型,Physical Model

BarkowLeibinger_UrbanLiving_model_P1200236     BarkowLeibinger_UrbanLiving_model_P1200242

DEU, Berlin, 06/2012, Modell Smart Material House, Architekt: Barkow Leibinger Architekten, Bildtechnik: KB-Digital      BarkowLeibinger_SmartMaterialHouse_model_0411

▼ 墙体生成过程分析图,infra-lightweight concrete wall Diagram




▼自带保温性能的轻质混凝土, Infra-Lightweight Concrete


▼ 鸟瞰图,Bird’s Eye View


▼总平面,Site Plan


▼平面图,Floor Plans

_ Pikto 5er_nn

_ GR-RG_6-Spaenner neu _ M 1-200

_ GR-RG_4-Spaenner neu _ M 1-200

▼剖面图立面图,Section Elevation


Renderings / Drawings: Barkow Leibinger

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