“URBAN DECOR” : New residential building in Turin by Marcante – Testa (UdA Architetti)

To renew the sense of belonging in urban places

Project Specs


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The new residential building completed in Turin, with four levels above ground, becomes part of a consolidated urban zone composed of constructions from the early-to-middle 20th century and more recent works, completing a lot right in the center of the city that was previously occupied by low abandoned buildings.

▼建筑外观,external view



The project, organized like a constructed landscape made of volumes and decorative elements that are not arbitrarily applied to the surfaces, but correspond to a precise functional and symbolic program, called for the creation of 11 housing units on a corner lot, all with private outdoor spaces (gardens, loggias, terraces); veritable open-air rooms, as a physical and perceptive extension of the interior space. A “perforated” facade, which through its loggias enhanced by arabesque marble facings offers a legible image of the domestic life of each housing unit. An architecture of outdoor spaces that becomes a visual prosthesis for every inhabitant, extended towards a landscape subject to personalization.

▼由不同体量和装饰构件构成的“景观”, the project is organized like a constructed landscape made of volumes and decorative elements

▼立面近景,detail of the facade

▼带有阿拉伯风格花纹饰面的大理石将凉廊突显出来,the loggias are enhanced by arabesque marble facings

▼首层的半开放走廊,the semi-open corridor on the ground floor



▼走廊内部,inside the corridor



The intermediate spaces like the loggias, the windows, the full and empty zones of the building are the projection of a configuration of interior spaces that take on an urban character. The opposite situation, however, is also an important factor in the definition of the internal environments, namely when the outdoors (also in a physical way) enters the composition of the domestic landscape. The windows, openings and structures are not just mere barriers between an inside and an outside, but tools of acquisition of space.

▼门窗和结构部件成为一种获取空间的方法,the windows, openings and structures become tools of acquisition of space


沉浸式的、被感知和使用着的空间在向户外延伸的同时也向室内渗透。吉奥·庞蒂提出的“furnished window”并不仅仅是应用于室内空间的巧妙技法,而是一种城市层面的隐喻,它与居住在其中的人们相互呼应。理解了这一点,便能够在城市的不同场所中重新找回归属之感。

Spaces possessed, spaces perceived, inhabited spaces reaching outward or penetrating inward. The “furnished window” by Gio Ponti, far from being a mere artifice for domestic interiors, was the metaphor of a vision of the city that corresponded to its inhabitants. Awareness of this fact can become the starting point for a renewed sense of belonging in urban places.



▼首层平面图,ground floor plan

▼二层平面图,level 2 plan

▼四层平面图,level 4 plan


Architectural project: Valter Camagna, Andrea Marcante
Interior design: Valter Camagna, Andrea Marcante, Adelaide Testa
Collaborators: Nicola Bartoccelli, Mauro Camagna, Marco Colaiacomo, Eirini Giannakopoulou, Giada Mazzero, Hyemin Ro
Protographer: Carola Ripamonti
-Structures: Ing Valter Ripamonti (studio Ripamonti –Pinerolo)
-Mechanical services : Ing. Ettore Gilli
-Acoustic control: Ing. Giovanni Rau – Proging S.a.s
-Electric services: Ing. Enrico Guiot – Pinerolo Ingegneria
-Technical and administrative procedures: Arch. Berardino Zoccoli
Materials and suppliers:
-External insulation: RÖFIX Light EPS insulating plaster
-Marbles: Carrara Bianco Arabescato e Aragonite Rossa dell’Iran (EL-TI Marmi)
-Windows: DOMAL Top TB65
-Lift : KONE Monospace 500
-Common areas lighting: lampade Drop di PRISMA Illuminazione
-Photovoltaic panels: Sunpower E20-327
-Forced ventilation system: ALDES Mini Fly canalizzato
-Air conditioning with ceiling-recessed units: AERMEC Ved
-Heat pumps: Weishaupt WWP L 15 ARS
-Underfloor heating: Chemidro Floortherm

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