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The biggest extreme park in europe is open

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Uram极限公园位于俄罗斯喀山,是欧洲最大的极限公园。2020年夏季,公园的室内运动中心已经由Legato Architects完成建造。KOSMOS事务所受邀与Legato共同完成大楼的整体设计。

The largest extreme park in Europe opens in Kazan. The new indoor sports center stands in the open part of the extreme all-season park that was already completed in summer 2020 by Legato Architects. Legato, the creators of the open extreme park Uram, invited KOSMOS Architects to work together on the building of the sports center.

▼项目概览,Overview © Legato Sports Architecture


Uram (means “street“ in Tatar) is the center of street youth culture, which combines sports and educational, social and cultural functions under one roof. The center with an area of almost 8 000 square meters hosts on two floors extreme sport zones (air park, street plaza, concrete bowl and skate house) and cultural spaces open to everyone.

▼从街头球场望向建筑,View from the street ball area © Ilya Ivanov


建筑部分 | Architecture


▼轴测图,Axonometric © KOSMOS Architects

▼效果图:待完成的红色“山丘”,Rendering: the hills of the facade are still to appear © KOSMOS Architects

The facade of the Uram Street Culture Center consists of 2 parts, performing on different scales. The upper volume is a minimalistic rectangular block, faced with brushed stainless steel, performs on an urban scale. Visible from the opposite side of the Kazanka River, the abstract volume reflects the sun or grey sky and changes depending on the weather conditions. It works as an urban landmark. The upper minimalistic volume rests on several flamboyant concrete hills that develop the formal expression of an outdoor extreme park. The hills will organize a lecture hall, a playground and continue sports functions. Despite the fact that the hills of the facade are still to appear, the indoor part of Uram has already been completed.

▼上半部分体块覆盖以拉丝不锈钢,The upper volume is faced with brushed stainless steel © Ilya Ivanov

▼建筑外观随时间变化,The appearance of the volume changes throughout the day © Ilya Ivanov

▼立面夜景,Facade night view © Ilya Ivanov


室内部分 | Interior


The concept of the building’s interior is based on exposure of simple street and industrial materials, inexpensive and practical: concrete, sheet metal, reinforced glass, plywood, drywall, masonry materials. The natural color of all these materials varies in shades of gray. To give an identity to the space and to create a comfortable navigation in the sports center, an additional bright, signal color – Volt (bright green-yellow) has been introduced into the design of the interior space. This color is most noticeable to the human eye and therefore is so actively used in street and road navigation to ensure safety. The bright color denotes the most important areas in the building and guides visitors on the way to go. Reception, information board, entrances on the escape route are always highlighted in bright color and immediately noticeable in the interior. In addition, the contrasting color allows you to form an alternative geometry of the space.

▼接待台,Reception © Ilya Ivanov

▼内部“街道”,Interior Street © Ilya Ivanov

▼建筑内部的设计思路是展现街头与工业元素 © Ilya Ivanov
The concept of the building’s interior is based on exposure of simple street and industrial materials

▼从更衣室向外望,Lockers looking out © Ilya Ivanov

▼天花板细节,Ceiling detail © Ilya Ivanov


Each area of ​​the sports center has its own unique look, created by one basic technique or material.
In the airpark, the main material is plywood, which creates the total space of the “plywood ocean”.
In the lecture hall, the space is formed with the help of a “cloud of points” – suspended lamps that form an alternative geometry of the space.
Bowl’s main material is concrete; and the interior of the main inner street is defined by a spatial grid of lamps and wall frame profiles.

▼阶梯教室,Lectorium space © Ilya Ivanov

▼室内细节,Lectorium detailed view © Ilya Ivanov

▼天花板和墙面细节,Ceiling and wall details © Ilya Ivanov

▼混凝土碗状空间,The concrete bowl © Ilya Ivanov

▼飞行公园,Airpark © Ilya Ivanov

▼立面夜景,Facade night view © Ilya Ivanov

▼立面近景,Facade zoom © Ilya Ivanov

▼场地平面图,Site Plan © KOSMOS Architects

▼一层平面图,1st floor plan © KOSMOS Architects

▼立面图,Elevation © KOSMOS Architects

Office Name: KOSMOS Architects + Legato Sports Architecture
Office Website: k-s-m-s.com ; http://legatomoscow.ru/
Social Media Accounts: @kosmos_architects; @legato_architects
Contact email: kosmos.arch@gmail.com
Firm Location: KOSMOS Architects: Zürich, Moscow, New York.
Legato Sports Architecture: Moscow, Kazan.

Completion Year: 2021
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 7980 м2
Project location: Kazan, Russia
Program: Extreme Sports covered (interior) park.

Lead Architects: KOSMOS Architects + Legato Sports Architecture
Lead Architects e-mail: kosmos.arch@gmail.com

Photo Credits: Ilya Ivanov
Photographer’s Website: https://photoivanov.com/
Photographer’s e-mail: fotoivanov@gmail.com

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