University of Law-Paris I, Modernisation of the Lourcine Barracks by ChartierDalix Architects

Installing the University elements within the former Lourcine barracks

Project Specs


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The former Lourcine barracks are located in Paris’ 13th district and comprise a parade ground with accompanying military buildings erected in 1875. The project calls for elements of the University of Paris I – library, lecture theatre, classrooms, offices – to be installed within the old buildings and in basement levels under the parade ground.

▼项目概览,overall view ©Camill Gharbi


The project aims to make the most of this Parisian heritage, taking a precision approach that will as far as possible retain the existing spaces and preserve the historic character of the site. ChartierDalix is seeking to adapt the project and its new activities to the buildings without erasing their past. The parade ground retains its central, unifying and symbolic role, as a landscaped forecourt sloping down to frame the new access to the gallery and lecture theatre.

▼原先的阅兵场成为了风景优美的庭院,the parade ground retains its centra role as a landscaped forecourt ©Camill Gharbi

▼地下层的建筑也得到充分利用,the basement levels under the parade ground have been used as elements of the University ©Camill Gharbi

▼户外座椅细部,outdoor seating area

▼一层景观庭院,the landscaped yard on the ground level ©Camill Gharbi


Lecture and classrooms are inserted into the existing buildings, making the most of their spatial qualities (ceiling heights, noble materials).

▼教室,classroom ©Camill Gharbi

▼既有空间得到修复和保留,the existing spaces are well retained and preserved ©Camill Gharbi

▼楼梯和走廊,stair and corridor ©Camill Gharbi

▼阶梯教室,lecture hall ©Camill Gharbi

▼地下层走廊,corridor on the basement level ©Camill Gharbi

▼入口旋转楼梯,spiral staircase at the entrance ©Camill Gharbi

▼旧建筑在保留历史痕迹的前提下继续发挥作用,the new activities are adapted to the buildings without erasing their past ©Camill Gharbi

Client: Epaurif
Tech. cons. : Egis Bâtiment (gen. contracting), Elioth (Hqe), Acoustb (acoustics), DHpaysage, (landscaping), Grahal (heritage)
Area : 9,710 M2
Cost: €22 M bt
Delivery in june 2019
Project: 500 seat lecture theater, 27 teaching rooms, 2,000 m² library, 1,500 m² offices and 2 service apartments
Prize: Jury Prize Frame Awards 2020

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