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gooood team interviews creative individuals under 35 years old from all over the world, some are pioneering founders, some are ordinary practitioners. gooood is tring to record the authentic living and working states of this era. Your recommendations and suggestions are appreciated!
gooood Under 35 NO.2 introduces China New Rural Planning and Design, Fu Yingbin(FUYINGBIN999@126.COM). More: Fu Yingbin on gooood.


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Working in the countryside


Working in the countryside is closer to my ideal working state.

▼ 傅英斌在乡村的部分实践工作,Selected works of Fu in the rural area




I’m interested in it and hope to work on it. The time is mature. Our country and society are paying more attention to the countryside, which bring larger amount of projects.

In the city, I’m just like a normal designer who works on time and occasionally traveling or working overtime. But working in the country is closer to my ideal working state. Especially when you live here, you communicate with workers and villagers every day to solve all kinds of problems. Or maybe you can go shopping in the weekend marketplace like a local. You blend into this state of life which is also your work. In the meantime, you can watch the design be built day by day. I think this is interesting.

▼ 傅英斌与同事在城市工作,Fu working with his colleague in Beijing


▼傅英斌和同事在乡村的大自然中工作,Fu working with his colleague in the pastoral area




Staying at the site gives you more intuitive feelings. In the past, you finished the paper with your imagine scale, while it was different after construction.

But staying in the site makes it possible for you to feel the real sense of scale right away and change the design immediately. You can talk to the workers to build a wall higher or lower if needed. I think it’s a good experience since you can interact with design directly and it can show up at once. It’s difficult to control the details in large scale projects because they involve too many things and people. While these small scale projects are controllable, everything you want can be realized.

Living conditions in the country is not convenient. We were social isolated for about five months last year in Guizhou since some places had no network, or even mobile phone signals. So you had to focus on what you did here. When you went back to the city, you turned to another life. It was different. The change of roles was somehow interesting.

▼ 在乡村工作时,从早到晚都在现场,Fu stays on site all day when working in the rural area



Definition of new rural construction


Our projects are not pure design items, but the systemic solutions. We not only do space design, but also deal with rural finance problems. Sociology, system management and others compose the whole construction.




I think new countryside should put people first. It’s not just simply painting, roofing or planting, but dealing with people. Villagers can live and produce with happiness and circulate properly. A new country should first possess to be a real country.

Except living, villagers can operate here. With the production, they don’t need to do work for others in the city. So the country can really develop. This is the key. Compared to people, design is not so important.

We are now working in that theory. Our projects are not pure design items, but the systemic solutions. We not only do space design, but also deal with rural finance problems. Sociology, system management and others compose the whole construction. The institutional design, including building up the cooperative, rouses the inner strength of a country. The final goal is that they can function and develop by themselves.

▼设计之外:与村民合作举办一些社区营造活动,希望把活力带入乡村,The comunity activities hosted with the help of the villagers revitalized the countryside

005-Under 35 Fu Yingbin

▼设计之外:组织儿童活动,Hosting children events in spare time

006-Under 35 Fu Yingbin


Rural practice


The conflicts are about manners and customs. Respect is the guarantee of a project’s smooth development




We may think villagers are conservative, while they can actually accept new things. If there are conflicts, reasonable explanations will be ok.

The conflicts are about manners and customs. Respect is the guarantee of a project’s smooth development. Only by respecting them can the innovative changes be accept. Take Guizhou for example, we thought old stone mill was a good element in yard design, while there was the custom of keeping stone mill out of yard. You should respect those kinds of statements. Also the design involved some important public construction like architecture and space. We usually discussed the details with village cadres and old people in order to avoid offending their customs. Communicating before head was important.

▼(左)在项目开展前,与村民沟通想法,倾听村民的意见 /(右)与村干部一起去勘察现场,共同探讨方案的可实施性,(left)Before the project,Fu will communicate with the residences and try to meet their needs / (right) Visiting the site with a village cadre to discuss further details of the project

007-Under 35 Fu Yingbin   008-Under 35 Fu Yingbin


This village had the tradition of respecting words and papers. Everything had words on it would be collected into a hanging basket and burnt into ashes by the temple.We designed a respecting word furnace for the use of burning papers after knew their tradition, which was combined with the temple space. Inheriting showed respect to local customs. The old were grateful to our design and even wrote something to say thank you.

▼在乡村中,根据村民习惯而设计的敬字炉。这个设计最后赢得了村民的感谢与尊重。A furnace of word adapted to the village culture which earned appreciation and respect of the villagers.





My action of recovering it was a response to the question.


As for regionalism, weather and materials, it’s your attitude impact how you respond to the question. We hope to communicate to traditions in space design, not only by building the children’s playground, but also the bridge and the temple. We tried to recover their original public space. Most of the good space got lost for some reasons. My action of recovering it was a response to the question. It’s not a serious problem whether the design is archaistic or modern.

▼ 公共空间案例:儿童乐园(点击蓝色链接看更多), Public Realm: Children’s Playground  (Click here to view more)


▼ 公共空间案例:桥(点击蓝色链接看更多), Public Realm: Bridge  (Click here to view more)



 We try to present some contrast by using building materials.


We hope to respond to traditions in meanings and space, but also try to present some contrast by using building materials. We designed a tobacco curing barn, whose wood material was changed into steel, while keeping the old form. Also, when we met some old-fashioned architectures, we hoped to recover them in a modern way. We brought out contrasts between the new and the old instead of pretending them all old.

▼ 材料对比案例:烤烟房(点击蓝色链接看更多),Contrast Materials: Room renovation for the Tobacco Curing Barn (Click here to view more)





Another case was rebuilding an old house into a library. We designed a modern steel structure box relating to the original building. The box was harmonious in the environment in color and space. It had a large bay width for holding the activities. The circle of glasses could ensure good lighting and view. People became acceptable after its construction although they might think it was too modern before.

▼ 材料对比案例:图书室,Contrast  Materials: Reading Room




Thoughts regarding high attention to the rural areas


Nowadays, lots of resources are flowing into the countries, while it may be not a good phenomenon…… I think time will decide whether high attention is good or bad for the country.


I think the situation is actually a reflection of the society paying more attention to the rural, which is the demands of modern times. The stability of urban development makes our national government focus more on the countries. So it is a choice of the society by nature. Because of the whole background, there are more and more rural projects, providing large amount of possibilities to designers.

▼ 国家目前在乡村投入了巨大的资金。(傅英斌设计的红军墓案例)The natioalnal government has been focusing and investing more on the countrysides. (The Tomb of Red Army Soldier by Fu)





▼ 乡村是美丽的,也是脆弱的。每一次资金的投入和建设都需要深思熟虑。(傅英斌设计的红军墓案例)The countryside is stunning but fragile. Any investment or construction require deliberateness. (The Tomb of Red Army Soldier by Fu)


Nowadays, lots of resources are flowing into the countries, while it may be not a good phenomenon. The project can destroy a village in the name of new rural construction. We know a village lying on gentle slope with mountain behind and river in front and layers of terraces, streets and trees along the slope. When they received the poverty funds, they decided to build vegetable greenhouses. The slope was bulldozed into flat. Regardless of the greenhouses’ benefits to the villagers, the original ecological system was destroyed. As a result, they were ruined by flood.

I think time will decide whether high attention is good or bad for the country. We can’t judge it now.

▼ 精心考虑与仔细权衡的设计才真正与乡村和谐(傅英斌设计的红军墓案例)Only a design with carefully consideration will blend into the spectacular rural settings. (The Tomb of Red Army Soldier by Fu)





In village works can not be clearly separated by major, you need to know everything…… Also the scene is a design progress. Most construction can’t be guide by drawings …… Anyway you need to track all the things and ready to deal with these changes.




The first requirement is the quality of designers. We used to be clearly separated by major. But in village you need to know everything about landscape, architecture, programming and even soft outfit. Also the scene is a design progress. Most construction can’t be guide by drawings since few workers know how to read them. We even need to locate lines by ourselves with lime and ruler. This is really different. Another part is the uncertainty of construction progress. Sometimes the design will be changed because of materials, technology and money limitation.

▼参与施工的傅英斌,Fu participated in construction

013-Under 35 Fu Yingbin4   013-Under 35 Fu Yingbin5


Take our bridge in Guizhou for example, the former concrete bridge plan was replaced because of construction condition.We hoped to give the bridge deck a transparent feeling by using bamboos or some materials in city programs. But they were not yet available. On day I walked around the scene, I found the steel springboards by accident. This proper, transparent finished product was easy to buy. So we temporarily decided to use it. The result is good. Anyway you need to track all the things and ready to deal with these changes.

▼钢跳板铺就的桥面,The bridge composed from steel board


▼桥梁的架设过程,The construction process

012-Under 35 Fu Yingbin6   012-Under 35 Fu Yingbin2


Maintenance & Ecological problems


I’m considering about whether the countries really need landscape. 


To be honest, some public things are not well maintained, especially landscape. I would keep reserved opinions for rural construction although I’m a landscape architect. The countries are different from the cities because there is no one can do the maintain job. They can’t keep the state as expected even if you have already taken low-cost maintenance into consideration. Now I’m considering about whether the countries really need landscape. They have productive landscape with their quarterly plantings. After remove those, you still think your carefully chosen local plants don’t belong to these villages. So we prefer to clear up the present farmlands rather than do large areas of landscape changes. We want to design something that villagers can take care of by themselves. What’s more, I think since the rural base is still the nature, designers should learn to control their influence.

▼以农作物和自然为景观背景的\长征纪念园,The Tomb of Red Army Soldier is located in a natural and agricultural landscape



Urbanization causes series of ecological problems, such as excessive hardening. 


First of all, urbanization causes series of ecological problems, such as excessive hardening. A village in Guangzhou have eco problem in ponding because there is not enough soils. The destruction of ecology in countries is no less than in cities.

▼农村的道路硬化问题严峻,The overvulcanization is causing serious stormwater problems

015-Under 35 Fu YingbinDSCF2143   015-Under 35 Fu YingbinDSCF2126



Another one is habitat society in the country. Most time, people just paint walls or build roofs, like doing the makeup. No one really care about interior design which is closely related to the local. But we think rebuilding a new toilet or a kitchen is more meaningful to the house owner.

We always emphasize the importance of environment and do start from it. The interior is more important than the exterior. You should focus on the former first and then go back to the latter. The yard is more important than the house. We need to do a lot to deal with the relations between the yards, environment and architectures.

▼广州莲麻村生态雨水花园设计(点击蓝色链接看更多),The ecological rainwater garden in Liana Village (Click here to view more)

016-Under 35 Fu Yingbin4M2A3105-ed

▼废弃混凝土块用于滨水石阶铺砌,The discarded concrete blocks were reused to create new paving

017-Under 35 Fu Yingbin123   017-Under 35 Fu Yingbin234


Moving moment


The moment touched me was the completion of our project when the local really experienced the goodness you brought. I think this is really moving.


▼整个凋敝的乡村现状令傅英斌吃惊不已,The depressed state of rural China shocks Fu

018-Under 35 Fu Yingbin微信图片_20170321160747   018-Under 35 Fu YingbinIMG_0568


It’ not a specific thing but the whole depressed state that shocks me. Although you have already know the distance between cities and countries, living there for a period of time is completely beyond imagination. Some villages are disappearing with little people staying there.

The moment touched me was the completion of our project when the local really experienced the goodness you brought. After our construction of the playground, children came to play with us more often and one of them even particularly picked fruits for us. I think this is really moving.

▼ 贵州儿童乐园里快乐玩耍的儿童们。Kids enjoy themselves in the Children’s Playground in Guizhou by Fu.




Plan for the future


We are still in a stage of exploration in rural construction. We will continue and try to do some expansions.



We will turn back to the design works. Now I’m focusing on the following parts. One is low-cost local construction. Second is rural ecology that now few people care about. We hope our advantage of the major can do some research on rural ecological restoration. Third is exploration on rural public facilities and spaces.

We are a tiny studio with only three people and deliberately want to keep the small state for putting all our energy into one project. The next plan is to expand personnel in order to promote projects better. We are still in a stage of exploration in rural construction. We will continue and try to do some expansions.

▼虽小但其乐融融的工作团队,A small-scale yet cosy team



MORE: 中国乡建院  China New Rural Planning and Design 更多关于他: Fu Yingbin on gooood


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