Twist Bioscience offices by Roy David Architecture

taking the geometry and shape of the DNA as inspiration

Project Specs


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Twist Bioscience办公室位于特拉维夫商业中心的一栋大楼内,毗邻Neve Tzedek街区,享有迷人的海景视野,扩建改造后的面积达300平方米。Twist公司从事基因研究,客户遍及医药、农业和工业化学等不同领域,旨在以科技发展推动世界改变。办公室的设计灵感正是源于公司的创新产品,设计师参考DNA的几何形状,提取出曲直各异的装饰元素。此外,这些元素的运用也代表了Twist公司的理念,呼应了有机生物学与严谨科学准则间的紧密联系。室内大胆的色彩运用源于Twist的品牌logo,是项目的亮点所在。

The new addition to the Twist Bioscience offices are 300 sqm situated in a building at the heart of Tel Aviv’s business centre, adjacent to the neighbourhood Neve Tzedek, with a mesmerizing panoramic view of the sea. Twist Bioscience creates synthetic DNA in order to service costumers in fields such as medicine, agriculture and industrial chemicals, that are developing and changing the world for the better. The inspiration for the design of the new space stems from the innovative product itself, the geometry and shape of the DNA, that is comprised of both curved lines and straight lines. In addition, the combination of curved and straight ties into the relationship between the organic biology and the strict code, that defines the Twist company. The project’s bold color palette is based in Twist brand colors and is a major part of the overall design.

▼室内概览,overview of the office © Roy David Architecture


The design concept is apparent throughout the space in the partitions and walls, as well in the custom-made carpentry items and ceilings. Both the kitchenette and the phone booth rooms are within curved walls, while the meeting rooms and quiet room are straight and rigid. The special carpentry lounge item, made for the specific needs of the employees, is round and soft, while the felt ceiling hanging in the meeting rooms is of straight planks. The curved pattern printed on the felt ceiling is repeated also in the millwork surrounding the phone booths walls.

▼开放式办公室,the open office © Roy David Architecture

▼弧形电话间,the curved phone booth room © Roy David Architecture

▼厨房位于开放空间一角,the kitchenette in the corner of the open space © Roy David Architecture

▼开放厨房,the open kitchenette © Roy David Architecture

▼窗边休息区,the seating area by the window © Roy David Architecture


A noticeable different between the layout of the Twist open space in comparison to others is that the workstations are not lined up adjacent to the curtain wall windows, this is to prevent the employees from being subjected to disruptive direct sunlight, close the blinds most of the day, thereby eliminating the sunlight entirely. The challenge was distancing the workstations from the windows without losing to much space but still leaving room for the comfort of each employee. The resulted solution is a workspace in which the workstations are not in a conventional linear position, but rather set up in a collaborative manner, both facing each other and back to back, to achieve better teamwork and productivity.

▼工作区远离窗边布局,distancing the workstations from the windows © Roy David Architecture 

▼促进协作的工作环境,workspace in a collaborative manner © Roy David Architecture 


The different colors in the project can be seen in the various elements composing the space. A dominant element in the project is the exposed ceiling that includes both acoustic panels and systems in coordinated shades of green, orange and blue. The felt ceiling and carpentry items include combinations of the color palettes to create a fun and enjoyable work environment while also nodding towards the company brand. The floor finishes in the project, including the microtopping in the open space and the carpets in the closed rooms, are subdued and complement the overall palette.

▼走廊,the corridor © Roy David Architecture

▼不同区域的色彩搭配,different color palettes © Roy David Architecture 

▼休息区概览,overview of the lounge © Roy David Architecture

▼以橙色为主色,in coordinated shades of orange © Roy David Architecture

▼会议室,the meeting room © Roy David Architecture

▼不同规格的配置,different specifications © Roy David Architecture

▼健身房,the gym © Roy David Architecture

SIZE :300 sqm
YEAR :2019
LOCATION : 3 Rothschild Blvd, Tel Aviv, ISRAEL

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