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Architecture deduction from“triple helix model” to “cluster innovation”

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Planning and Layout: Starting Window and Leading Suzhou Industrial Park

1、核心区规划理念 Planning Ideas of Core Areas


▼项目整体鸟瞰,aerial view of the project

▼建筑外观形象,exterior view of the building

The base is divided into two areas by the Western trunk line: scientific research office and supporting residential areas. However, the scientific research office land is divided into three plots by the current river. At the beginning of the design, it is hoped that the three plots of scientific research land will be designed as a plot. Through the analysis of the present situation of the site and its surroundings, a free curve is first introduced in the design, which connects the three independent plots in series to form a whole; at the same time, a north-south axis is introduced in the middle plot to correspond with the free curve to form the main structural axis of the park; and it is built as a collection of landscape, transportation, supporting services and other functions as one of the public service axis of the body. Through the secondary green axis, the water landscape is penetrated into the land and connected with the main axis. Multi-storey buildings and large single-storey buildings are arranged along urban roads and main axes to form a continuous interface. Relatively high small single-span products are arranged in the interior of the plot along the green axis. Groups that form openings facing the water surface maximize the acquisition of natural landscape resources. The multi-storey part opens to the city, interacts and penetrates with the surrounding land; the volume part rises and dislocates, emphasizes the sense of enclosure, and forms a rich skyline.

▼概念生成, concept diagram

2、展示中心的核心位置,The Core Position of the Exhibition Center


The design combines site analysis, defines the regional scope of surrounding roads and natural landscape, and determines the layout form of the central axis of the exhibition center through the analysis of the location of the axis of the planning layout and the realization of the corridor. The display center is set at the end of the central axis to form a visual center. The planning and layout of the core area is like a flying phoenix flying in the land of Shenzhou; the shape of the start-up area is like the feather of the phoenix, implying that the resource advantages of Enlightenment Holding can be brought into full play. The exhibition hall, like Fengtou, attracts excellent enterprises to invest in and upgrade the industry of the whole region by building an environment suitable for production and livability.

▼布局, layout

▼展示中心设置在中轴的端头,形成视觉中心。核心区的规划布局犹如一只飞舞的凤凰,the display center is set at the end of the central axis to form a visual center. The planning and layout of the core area is like a flying phoenix


Design Concept: Cultural Refining and Cluster Innovation

1、“TUS-ICON”的清华概念 Tsinghua Concept of “TUS-ICON”


Architecture, as an important factor of environmental form, must bear the mission of culture. The purpose of the exhibition center is to highlight Tsinghua culture, rigorous and rich in connotation. Combining Tsinghua Science Park and Enlightenment Culture, the design concept of “TUS-ICON” is put forward. Through the refinement of the characteristics and culture of the enlightening enterprise and the deduction of the architectural form, this paper interprets the theoretical practice of the enlightening holding company from the “triple helix model” to the “cluster innovation”.

▼“TUS-ICON”的清华概念, tsinghua concept of “TUS-ICON”

2、三螺旋模式的建筑结构 Architectural Structure of Triple Helix Model


▼三螺旋式建筑结构,architectural structure of triple helix model

The design combines the concept of “TUS-ICON” with the triple helix model, resulting three flexible leaves followed by shape finding and shape optimization work. The overall shape is composed of three three three-dimensional rotating upward leaves and a skirt in the middle. The blade diverges from the center point and forms the bottom and top leaf planes by variable control (length, radian, angle). At the same time, the control points are added to reconstruct the surface, increase the fluctuation relationship and give the modeling dynamic sense. The upper and lower two groups of leaves can adjust their positions by the distance and angle from the center point, and connect to form the elevation. At the same time, the key control points of the surface are added to soften the modeling. The middle skirt has a round platform at the beginning, and then a control curve is added to enhance the lightness of the shape. The architectural shape is innovative.

▼入口-中间裙体初始了圆台体,后增加控制曲线,以提升造型的轻盈感,entrance-the middle skirt has a round platform at the beginning, and then a control curve is added to enhance the lightness of the shape


Architectural Space: Vigorous Space and Charm Display


The internal space is rich and functional, with clear distribution. The first floor is the exhibition area, the second floor is the enterprise exhibition area, and the third floor is the office area. The functional zoning structure of each layer is adjustable, exhibition, training and conference space are various, and can flexibly adapt to various use requirements. It aims to promote the creation of an innovative atmosphere, embody vitality, realize the parallel of informal and formal exchanges, and make its space more open, place-oriented, pleasant, pluralistic, ecological and regional. From the point of view of communication place, space can be divided into formal communication space and informal communication space.

▼内部空间层次丰富功能分布清晰,一层为展览区域, the internal space is rich and functional, with clear distribution and the first floor is the exhibition area

▼二层为企业展示区, the second floor is the enterprise exhibition area

▼三层办公区域, office area on the third floor


The interior space of the building is arranged around the core atrium. The spiral staircase links the enlightening cultural charm organically. As a comprehensive workplace with display, communication and service functions, it attracts new technology enterprises and promotes their growth and growth. It provides a place for scientific and technological personnel, investors and builders to exchange academic ideas, technological information and entrepreneurial innovation skills.

▼建筑内部空间围绕核心中庭予以布置,the interior space of the building is arranged around the core atrium

▼螺旋上升的楼梯,spiral staircase

▼丰富的内部空间层次,rich internal space


Technology Measures: Digital Simulation and BIM Implementation


The complexity of the design shape makes the whole process design by BIM parametric means at the beginning of the design. Because of the complexity of the shape, the positioning, structure and partition of the three specialties of architecture, structure and curtain wall need to fit each other. During the design process, the three specialists work together in the same BIM model.

▼BIM模型, BIM model


In the shape space determined by the building, the structural specialty chooses the space grid structure as the implementation direction, and estimates the roughly space bar connection size. By shifting the outer skin of a building, a linear model of space truss is automatically generated under parameterized conditions. Based on this model, structural specialty calculates the structure and determines the final relationship between the truss and the size of the components. At the same time, curtain wall specialty determines the form of curtain wall, provides economically feasible control scale of plate segmentation, and generates plate segmentation suitable for building shape and structure grid line by parametric tools. Curtain wall specialty deepens the construction practice and connection relationship of each plate on this basis. After completing the construction plan and deepening of each specialty, the design of project construction drawings is carried out in Revit. The three central models of building curtain wall, structure and electromechanical are jointly implemented by means of links, so as to implement the design concept of the project.

▼在建筑确定的形体空间下,结构专业选择空间网架结构为实施方向,in the shape space determined by the building, the structural specialty chooses the space grid structure as the implementation direction

▼通过参数化工具,生成同建筑形体及结构网架线相适宜的板幕墙板块分割,curtain wall generates plate segmentation suitable for building shape and structure grid line by parametric tools

▼夜景, night view

▼一层平面图,first floor plan

▼二层平面图,second floor plan

▼三层平面图,third floor plan


项目设计 & 完成年份:2017-2018 & 2019
主创建筑师: 查金荣
材料:钢 混凝土 玻璃 穿孔铝板
Project name:Tus-design Digital Science and Technology City (Jurong) Science and Technology 
Design Unit: Enlightenment Design Group Co., Ltd.
Contact e-mail:773085554@qq.com
Design year & Completion Year:2017-2018 & 2019
Master Creator: Cha Jinrong
Design team: Cha Jinrong, Yang Zhengmao, Zhang Zhijun, Zhang Yunzhi and Yang Ke
Construction Drawing Architecture: Wang Ying, Tang Yifan, Du Xiaojun, Zhang Haichun
Construction Drawing Structure Specialty: Zhao Hongkang and Yan Xinyun
Construction Drawing HVAC Major: Gao Zhanbin, Xuan Shiqing
Construction Drawing Water Supply and Drainage Specialty: Shi Zhimin and Wang Mengmeng
Construction Drawing Electrical Specialty: Zhang Fan and Zhang Wen
BIM team: Yan Huaida, Wang Ying, Tang Yifan, Hong Qinger, Yan Xinyun, Han Kun, Zhu Pengxiang and Han Wenhao
Planning major: Su Tao and Wang Suyi
Intelligent Major: Cao Xin
Landscape Design: Wang Jiawei, Yu Zhengkai, Meng Xiaojing, Wu Zhiren
Interior design: Yang Zhengmao, Gu Hailei, Wang Yuejin, Chen Jili, Chen Zhongjia, Yan Xiugao, Dong Hongyang
Curtain Wall Major: Li Desheng, Gao Qinzhuo
Project location: Ju rong, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu
Gross Built Area: 4461.42 square meters
Photo credits: Octopus Photography
Clients: Tus-Design Ju Rong Science and Technology
Development Compant Ltd
Material: concrete, glazing,steel, Perforated aluminium sheet

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