Triangle Tango, Shanghai, China by 100architects

Interaction with sound, light and color

Project Specs


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三角形探戈”是一个空间改造项目,希望能够促进人们之间的互动,吸引顾客,并增强私营露天零售街的公共空间的体验。生活中心@ Daning由于其露天零售街道的条件成为了上海最受欢迎的购物中心之一,占地面积达25万平方米,拥有11万平方米的购物中心。

The Triangle Tango is a public space intervention designed to foster interactions, attract customers and enhance the experience in the privately-owned public space within an open-air Retail Street. Life Hub @ Daning, a 250,000 sqm mixed use development with 110,000 sqm shopping mall, is one of the hottest shopping centers in Shanghai, due to its condition of open-air retail street.

▼装置中的声光色与人互动,the installation interacts with people using lights, sounds and colors

从最开始Life Hub@Daning的市场团队就坚持将其打造成一个富有想象力、能带给人灵感的创新场所。该设计与装饰性装置相比应更加出人意料,并且吸引孩子们和成人来使用它,而不是看看以后默默地走过。改造把一个流通区域变成一个让人们停留的空间,顾客们可以把他们的孩子和家人一起带来,和其他孩子及家庭互动。设计使用了一种超现实的方法,即打破常规的感知规则和已经被认为是现实的东西,以激发孩子们的想象力和创造力,让他们沉浸在丰富多彩的体验中。对路人来说,这是一个意想不到的地方。

From the very beginning the marketing team of Life Hub @ Daning insisted on creating something INTERACTIVE. Something unexpected beyond any typical decorative installation, that would attract kids and adults alike to come and use it, rather than pass by and observe it. An intervention that, by itself, would turn a circulation area into a “SPACE” to stop and stay, where their customers could bring their kids and families and spend some quality time interacting with other kids and families.

▼改造把一个流通区域变成一个让人们停留的空间,顾客们可以把他们的孩子和家人一起带来,和其他孩子及家庭互动;an intervention that, by itself, would turn a circulation area into a “SPACE” to stop and stay, where their customers could bring their kids and families and spend some quality time interacting with other kids and families

该提案不能阻止周围店面的视线,因此设计师将互动活动安排在地表层。这个决定最终呈现了一个让人们可以用脚来进行互动的装置。在这个项目中,设计师与在上海工作的美国工程师和交互设计师Maciej Dudek合作,从Squiggle实验室获得响应特性。在新一代舞蹈游戏的基础上,设计师创造了一个灯光和音乐的反应平台,当人们踏到三角板上时,灯光和音乐会做出相应的反应。放置在玻璃下面的电容传感器会感应到电磁场,每当有人踩到板上时,传感器就会触发闪光灯和钢琴音调。

The proposal could not block the visibility of storefronts around it, therefore our approach was to embed an interactive activity at the floor level. That decision led us to an installation where people should engage by stepping with their feet. For this project we teamed up with the Shanghai-based American engineer and interactive designer Maciej Dudek, from Squiggle Labs, to generate responsive feature. Based on new generation dancing games, we created a lighting & musical responsive platform reacting to people’s steps onto the triangular panels. Capacitive sensors placed underneath the glass would feel the electromagnetic field and trigger a light blink and a musical piano tone every time someone would step on it.

▼夜间配合灯光,整个装置真正活跃起来;the lighting effects activate the installation at night


Visually designed as a fractal combination of equilateral triangles, it also counts with a graphic design based on interesting patterns within each triangle seeking for a visual impact as an attractor mode whenever nobody was stepping on it. The monochromatic treatment, with shades of yellow, was extended on the floor beyond the platform to enhance his visual impact.

▼三角形的造型和板块内的图案都是为了增强视觉冲击,the fractal combination of equilateral triangles and interesting patterns inside the panel seek for a visual impact

▼强烈而鲜艳的颜色和特有的造型尤其吸引孩子们,the strong and bright color along with the special shape make the installation a big attraction for the kids

设计团队:Marcial Jesus,Javier Gonzalez,Eunice Tsa
摄影师:Amey Kandalgaonkar

Project name: Triangle Tango
Designer: 100architects
Design team: Marcial Jesus, Javier Gonzalez, Eunice Tsa
Client: Life Hub @ Daning, (Chongbang Group)
Location: Daning Road, Jin’An District, Shanghai, China
Built area: 120m2
Completion: June 2017
Photographer: Amey Kandalgaonkar

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