Tresoldi Academy promotes a creative-educational program to focus on the outskirts of Bologna and Modena

Applications open 27th April

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“The great project of our country is the suburbs: the city that will be, the city that we will leave to our children.” — Renzo Piano

▼工作坊宣传海报,Tresoldi Academy workshop poster

Tresoldi Academy是由Edoardo Tresoldi创办的STUDIO STUDIO STUDIO和YAC(年轻建筑师竞赛)共同发起的一个创新教育项目,旨在成为全球当代艺术和建筑研究的参照点,邀请青年人才参与装置设计及制作的课程培训。设计者将以Edoardo Tresoldi独特的艺术语言为灵感,针对特定的场地创作装置作品,并在博洛尼亚和摩德纳的郊区进行展示。

Tresoldi Academy is an innovative educational project recently conceived between Edoardo Tresoldi’s STUDIO STUDIO STUDIO and YAC – Young Architects competitions, both international reference points for contemporary art and for architectural studies that has chosen to invite young talents to take part in a training course aimed at designing and producing site-specific installations inspired by the artistic language of Edoardo Tresoldi’s works which will then be placed in the outskirts of Bologna and Modena.

▼Edoardo Tresoldi的网格教堂装置,Edoardo Tresoldi’s Basilica Siponto ©Roberto Conte
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▼Edoardo Tresoldi的装置“Sacral”,Edoardo Tresoldi’s Sacral © Fabiano Caputo

在与伦佐·皮亚诺G124团队的合作下,Tresoldi Academy将在2020年7月推出一系列工作坊活动,其目的是通过装置艺术来改变艾米利亚地区的郊区面貌,为那些通常不为人们所知的边缘地带赋予美感和场所特征。这些郊区地带将在艺术的介入下转变为一种具有研究性和实验性的场景,并将为整个意大利的城市复兴提供范例。

From the collaboration between G124 and Tresoldi Academy, a series of workshop will be launched in July 2020: the aim is to transform the face of the Emilian suburbs with artistic installations that can bring beauty in often-marginal contexts and give identity to places that are often reduced to anonymity. Regenerated by art and transformed into a scenario for research and experimentation, the outskirts will become a laboratory and a model of urban rebirth for the entire Italian territory.

▼装置搭建过程,Edoardo Tresoldi’s work in progress © Aruallan

工作坊将于2020年7月13日至20日在博洛尼亚、摩德纳以及米兰举行。在艾米利亚的首日参观结束后,参加者将动身至Edoardo Tresoldi在米兰的工作室,开始为期一周的装置设计工作。活动的最后一天,这些作品将被安置在博洛尼亚和摩德纳的特定位置(Unipol集团大楼和XXII Aprile公园)。

The workshop – scheduled from 13th to 20th July 2020 – will take place in Bologna, Modena and Milan. After the first day of site-visits in Emilia, the participants will move to Edoardo Tresoldi’s Milan studio to begin working on the projects that will be developed during the intensive week and installed, on the last day, in the selected areas of the two Emilian cities(Unipol Group’s complex located in Bologna and Park XXII Aprile in Modena).

▼位于博洛尼亚的1号场地,Site 1, Bologna © YAC Srl

▼位于摩德纳的1号场地:XXII Aprile公园,Site 2, Parco XXII Aprile, Modena © G124


The applications open on 27th April and close on 29th May 2020; the workshop is free, the selection will be based on merit and motivation. More info:

Due to the recent pandemic situation, should it be impossible for the workshop to take place between July 13 and July 20, 2020 (depending on the evolution of the health situation), a second set of dates for an in-person workshop will be scheduled for September 2020. 

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