National Trade Center in Taiwan by Aedas

To enrich the city skyline while celebrating a cultural symbol

Project Specs


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Aedas-designed National Trade Center is a 165-metre tall office building prime located in Taichung city, within the emerging central business district and adjacent to the Opera House and City Hall.


▼建筑外观,exterior view


The iconic building replicates the unique silhouette of a bamboo shoot – a plant commonly found in Taichung which symbolises prosperity in Chinese culture. This design is deemed to enrich the city skyline while celebrating a cultural symbol.

▼大厦如春笋般拔地而起,the iconic building replicates the unique silhouette of a bamboo shoot


The faceted façade undulates with horizontal awnings with distinctive rain covers and window-walls to emphasise the unique shape and curves of the building. The elliptical shape allows maximum light penetration to the office area. Vertical greening with local plant resources on the east and west façades as well as the rooftop enhances energy efficiency. There are also balconies on each floor on the north and east sides to offer an outdoor experience with a pleasant view.

▼临街视角,street view

▼多切面立面,the faceted façade


The interior space is designed with reference to traditional ink paintings – by using different shades and tones of grey, together with lights and reflections, to express different feels and create a sense of neutrality and calmness. Two podium floors with banks and food and beverage outlets activate the urban life on lower levels.


▼设计草图,design sketch



▼垂直绿化设计示意,vertical greening design

▼总平面图,site plan

项目: NTC商贸中心
地点: 中国台中
服务范围: 设计建筑师、室内设计师(公共区域)及景观设计师
业主: 润隆建设股份有限公司
建筑面积: 52,924 平方米
竣工年份: 2018
主要设计人: Dr Andy Wen(温子先博士),全球设计董事
Project: National Trade Center
Location: Taichung, Taiwan
Involvement: Design Architect, Interior Designer for Public Areas and Landscape Designer
Client: Run Long Construction Co. Ltd.
Gross Floor Area: 52,924 sqm
Completion Year: 2018
Director: Dr Andy Wen

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