Town Hall Eysturkommuna by Henning Larsen North Atlantic

The world’s most scenic town hall is Faroese

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For the inhabitants of Eysturkommuna, a visit to the local town hall is a breathtaking experience. Deep in the spectacular Faroese landscape is a town hall completely merged with nature: The green roofed town hall of the small Eysturkommuna is not just a building, but serves as a bridge for the citizens to cross the river.


▼市政厅与自然环境完全融为一体,deep in the spectacular Faroese landscape is a town hall completely merged with nature

由丹麦建筑设计事务所Henning Larsen设计的这座市政厅建筑致敬了北欧以及法罗群岛的传统建筑形式,同时也为法罗群岛的当代建筑定义出新的方向。“景观与建筑的融合向来是法罗群传统建筑的核心主题。市政厅的设计延续了这一概念,将模糊的边界作为设计的主要思路。”——Henning Larsen事务所合伙人及主创建筑师Ósbjørn Jacobsen如此解释道。

Designed by Danish architectural company Henning Larsen, the building pays tribute to the Nordics and the traditional Faroese way of building. Yet, it defines a new path for contemporary Faroese architecture:  “Having difficulties distinguishing where the landscape ends and the building begins is a central theme in traditional Faroese architecture. The town hall design was driven by the notion of this blurred line, and as such a take on modern architecture in the Faroe Islands,” Ósbjørn Jacobsen, Partner and Lead Design Architect at Henning Larsen, explains.

▼建筑本身成为将市民连接至河流对岸的桥梁,the town hall building serves as a bridge for the citizens to cross the river

▼布满绿植的屋顶,green roof

▼街道视角,street view

▼室内办公空间,interior view

▼建筑谨慎地融入了葱郁的自然景观,为政府工作人员带来自然而舒适的工作环境,discreetly cut into the lush landscape this town hall creates the framework for the work of the City Council and the administrative staff

▼从地板上的玻璃窗洞中可以望见逆流而上的鳟鱼,through a glass covered opening in the council hall floor, the local government can spot trout on their way up-stream


到屋顶上野餐 | Go for a picnic on the roof


Furthermore, the town hall in Eysturkommuna assumes the important task of establishing a space that will revive the local community. The terraces and roof are open to the public, people can come here to have picnics and swim in the river.

▼露台和屋顶完全对市民开放,the terraces and roof are open to the public

▼建筑近景,a closed view from the river


The town hall is the first of more buildings and events that will reclaim public life in the centre of Norðragøta. Before the fishing industry made its entry with a large and important factory, the attractive local beach was the natural gathering point at special occasions; the bond fire on New Year’s Eve was lit here, the flag day celebrated on April 25th and locals used the beach for sporting events.

▼市政厅将激活河岸的社区生活,the town hall in Eysturkommuna revives the riverbank


▼夜景,night view

▼场地平面图,site plan

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan

▼剖面图AA,section AA

▼剖面图BB,section BB

Project name: Town Hall Eysturkommuna
Address: Oyran 2, FO-512 Norðragøta
Client(s): Eysturkommuna
Architect(s): Henning Larsen North Atlantic
Engineer(s): Spenn, Veri-Con, SMJ
Landscape Architect(s): Henning Larsen North Atlantic
Contractor: KBH
Other collaborators: Rók-EL, Z. Leitisstein, Signar á Fríðufløtum, ÁWAY, Klima, Stokholm
Competition period: Comission
Construction period: 2016-2017
Milestones, date: Inaugurated, December 2017
GFA: 750 m2 / 8000 ft2
Henning Larsen
Partner responsible: Ósbjørn Jacobsen
Project manager: Ósbjørn Jacobsen
Scope/role: Lead Design Architect
Team/departments involved: Henning Larsen Faroe Islands
Drawing credits: Henning Larsen
Photo credits: Nic Lehoux
Video credits: Henning Larsen (sketch movie), Nic Lehoux (drone)

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