Tooker House at Arizona State University, US by SCB

An educational ark in the desert

Project Specs

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亚利桑那州立大学的Tooker House是一个全新的7层高458,000平方英尺的生活和学习设施,供大一工程系学生使用。该建筑共有1582张床位;五个员工公寓;一个27000平方英尺,525个座位的餐厅;便利店;许多专门的学生学习和社交贵宾室;一个大型的创客实验室和灵活的教室和健身中心。

Tooker House at Arizona State University is a new 7-story, 458,000-square-foot living/learning facility for freshman engineering students. The building features 1,582 beds; five staff apartments; a 27,000-square-foot, 525-seat dining hall; a convenience store; numerous dedicated student study and social lounges; a large maker lab and flexible classroom; and fitness center..

▼建筑外部概览,overview of the building


针对沙漠气候的可持续性设计 | Sustainable design for a desert climate


Using the vernacular of desert architecture as its point of departure, the design team sought to create a sustainable building appropriate to its context that could endure, and even leverage, the harsh desert climate of Tempe. The building’s siting, shape and massing were developed through extensive shading studies on the constrained campus site. The complex’s figure-eight shape positions the two primary building masses in parallel positions facing east-west, which allows the building to “self-shade” interior courtyards and facades. The southern façade incorporates u-shaped visors and an array of perforated vertical louvers designed and positioned according to a sophisticated algorithm, presenting visual interest and ensuring appropriate daylight control unique to each window’s location on the façade.

▼整个建筑群由两个体量构成,各自具有不同的外观特征;the complex has two primary building masses, having their own characteristics

▼两栋大楼之间的连接廊桥利用穿孔材料促进自然风的通过,perforated metal panels on the building’s bridges promote airflow


▼u形遮阳板细节,details of the u-shape visors

▼另一幢大楼的穿孔垂直百叶窗立面,利用算法形成了独特的波浪外观;the perforated vertical louvres on the other building as the skin, using sophisticated algorithm to form a wave-like surface



The massing also facilitates wind movement, which flows predominantly from a westerly direction, through the interior, shaded courtyards and between the building’s masses. Perforated metal panels on the building’s bridges and breezeways promote airflow through those spaces. Rainwater is harvested from the roof and nourishes select landscape zones in bioswales reducing the need for potable water use while also reducing the amount of underground piping and vault infrastructure. The building is on target to reach LEED Gold certification.

▼两栋大楼之间的空间被其自身的阴影遮蔽,形成友好的室外活动空间;the space in-between two main buildings are shaded by their shadows, becoming a user-friendly space for outdoor activity space

▼通风连廊保证了楼之间的动线,同时不阻挡风的流通;the breezeways form circulations between buildings without blocking the passageways for the wind

▼大楼体量被抬起,广阔的首层室外空间成为风与人的活动空间,利用沙漠气候的特性;responding to the desert climate, the mass of one building is elevated, forming a vast outdoor space on the ground level for wind and people activities


生活与学习 | Living/Learning


As the new home for engineering students, the design team sought to honestly express the engineering and sustainable design elements throughout the complex, making the building itself a teaching tool. Examples include an exposed ground floor mechanical room with graphic signage denoting the function of each piece of equipment. A large maker lab out enjoys a prominent and highly visible location on the ground floor of the building, expanding the academic core of campus and providing residents space and resources to continue class work and experimental ideas at any time of day. The maker lab features sliding glass walls that allow activities to spill outdoors, where exhibition pedestals enable student residents to present their work and invite passersby to learn more about ASU’s engineering program.

▼创客实验室,the maker lab

▼学生食堂同时也是重要的社交场所,被赋予充足的空间;the dinning hall is an important social place for students, hence the design provides sufficient space

▼团队学习空间,group study space

▼夜晚的校园,the building at night

Photos by Bill Timmerman

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