Tipperne bird sanctuary – Instruments in the landscape: Tower by Johansen Skovsted Arkitekter

A jettying frame expanding in width as it rises

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藏鸟屋 Bird Hide | 观鸟台Watch Tower | 工作坊Workshop | 研究站Research Station


项目概述 | Introduction

位于丹麦Ringkøbing峡湾南部半岛的鸟类保护区有着独特的自然环境,是迁徙鸟类的重要落脚点,也是欧洲最古老的鸟类统计场地。该保护区原先几乎不对公众开放,在建立了一系列新设施之后,场地如今已经面向公众。这些设施包含了一些简单的功能建筑:藏鸟屋、观鸟台、工作坊、步行路径以及改建过的Tipper House研究站。这些新的建筑独立地坐落于景观之中,各自拥有不同的特点,同时也与其它建筑及周围环境形成了微妙的关联。

The bird sanctuary at the tip of the peninsula in the southern part of Ringkøbing Fjord is, with its unique nature, an important stopping point for migratory birds and home to Europe’s oldest continuous bird counts. Previously, public access to the area has been very limited, but through establishing new facilities the area has now been opened to visitors. These facilities consist of simple instrument-like additions in the landscape: a bird hide, watch tower, workshop, walking routes and a conversion of the Tipper House research station. The new structures are imagined as free-standing objects in the landscape, each with distinctive characteristics and subtle mutual relationships to one another and their surroundings.



观鸟台 | Tower


The bird watching tower was developed through the synthesis of the open, flat wetland geography and dense moisture in the air, and the techniques of a local factory specialising in the production of masts in solid cylindrical iron bars. The platform provides an elevated framing of the landscape, a space which can be either closed to offer a secluded position for bird counters, or opened-up to the view.

▼该项目构建了一个凌驾于景观之上的框架,the platform provides an elevated framing of the landscape

▼平台的面积由下至上逐渐拓宽,the tower’s footprint incrementally widens to support a larger platform above

▼塔顶空间可闭合或敞开,the space which can be either closed or opened-up



The structural system is designed as a jettying frame expanding in width as it rises, allowing a small footprint to incrementally widen to support a larger platform above. Horizontal elements of galvanised iron plates have been bolted and welded together, whilst vertical and diagonal galvanised cylindrical iron bars span between the plates. 50 mm and 65 mm diameter columns and diagonals take compression forces, whilst 22 mm diameter cylindrical iron bars, which form both the balustrade and handrails, transfer tensile forces. All individual elements, including handrails, stairs, landings and balustrades, form a part of the tower’s overall structural system.

▼直径为50mm和65mm的柱条(粗)用以承载压力,50 mm and 65 mm diameter columns and diagonals take compression forces


▼直径为22mm的铁条(细)则用于分担拉力,22 mm diameter cylindrical iron bars transfer tensile forces


▼工厂制作过程,factory view




▼结构细部,structure detail

Tipperne bird sanctuary – Instruments in the landscape
Architect: Johansen Skovsted Arkitekter
Location: Tipperne, Ringkøbing Fjord, Denmark
Year of construction: 2017
Client: The Danish Nature Agency
Site analysis and programme with: Christoffer Thorborg
In collaboration with: Bertelsen & Scheving Arkitekter
Financially supported by: Realdania – Stedet Tæller

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