The Way We Were exhibition by Keith Macgregor

A photographic journey to the 70’s and 80’s of Hong Kong

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“The Way We Were”是一段怀旧的摄影旅程,它将借助英国摄影师Keith Macgregor的一系列标志性作品将我们带回香港的七零和八零年代。

The Way We Were is a photographic journey down memory lane through the vast collection of work by the iconic Keith Macgregor that throws you back to Hong Kong during its prime: namely the 70’s and 80’s.



本次展览通过全彩及黑白影像记录了充满怀旧气息的街景,重现了殖民时期香港的城市面貌与海上生活。特别值得一提的是,本次展览还将首次呈现Keith  Macgregor于最近完成的“霓虹幻想”(Neon Fantasies)作品系列:艺术家通过一系列璀璨的霓虹灯牌,为观者构建出一种震慑人心的“反向现实”。被拍摄的街道影像通过数字拼贴的方式与旧时辉煌的霓虹灯标识组合起来,最终创造出一种“银翼杀手”式的、兼具历史感与未来感的迷幻氛围。而事实上,Keith  Macgregor本人的生活经历也恰恰能够代表这段岁月:充满了幽默的野心、企业家精神、不期而遇,以及属于那个年代的辛勤劳动。“The Way We Were”展现了一个充满色彩、多样性和乐观主义的城市,闪回到一个仍旧浸淫在“香港梦”中的时代,在那里,每个人都“全情投入”在生活的游戏当中。

The exhibition bursts with nostalgic street scenes steeped in colonial and local culture, city panoramas and images of life on the sea in full colour and black & white. Importantly, this also marks the first exhibition showing a selection of Macgregor’s latest series titled ‘Neon Fantasies’; a passion project where the artist imagines a reverse reality where the city multiplies in illuminated neon signs.  Photographed street scenes are digitally collaged with photographs of the greatest, now mostly lost neon signs creating Blade Runner-esque images that are simultaneously historical and futuristic. In fact Macgregor’s own life story exemplifies the era in question, full of playful ambition, entrepreneurial spirit, chance encounters and good old hard work. The Way We Were expresses a city abound in colour, diversity and optimism, a documentation and flashback to a time where the ‘Hong Kong Dream’ was forged and people went ‘all in’ on the game of life.



“Duo”系列 | Duo Collection



“霓虹幻想” | Neon Fantasies



旧时香港 | Old Hong Kong


“The Way We Were”展览将于2018年11月3日-18日在香港的Blue Lotus Gallery展出。
3-18 November 2018 | Organised and Curated by Blue Lotus Gallery

Friday November 2, 6–9 pm: Exhibition Opening
Saturday November 10, 2–6 pm: meet and greet Keith Macgregor
Sunday November 11, 4–6pm: talk by Ian Lambot about his book project ‘City of Darkness’ followed by book signing
Saturday November 17, 2–6 pm: meet and greet Keith Macgregor
Opening Hours: Everyday 11am – 7pm, on Fridays we will be open until 9 pm.
Pop-Up Venue: Usagi, G/F, Wah Shin House, 6-10 Shin Hing Street, Central, Hong Kong
Press Contacts and for interview with the artist:
English: Christina Jensen
Chinese: Eunice Lam

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