The temporary pavilion design by República Portátil

Structures that contributes to the interactions.

Project Specs


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The pavilion is a transportable building made of wood and located in the Independence Square in the city of Concepcion, Chile. The structure involves the creation of a pavilion able to accommodate exhibitions and activities related to the productive and creative sectors of the city. It must be considered that these are emerging sectors and one of their main problems is the lack of connection between them. What is being proposed here is a special setting which is able to gather and receive people and make this meeting place visible within a highly visited urban set. 



▼内部功能组织,functions and activities




The FAV PAVILLION is a temporary building designed and constructed for the 2014 Chilean Art Festival. A light construction composed of a multidirectional scaffolding skeleton covered by polyester fabric strips that gives to the volume different degrees of transparency. The project proposes two kinds of spaces. A public one designed as a garden to gather community and to offer social interaction. And also a private one in the upper floors that offers shelter and residence for the team that worked in the project. During the day the building plays the role of a ludic square where people can gather, go over the place and submerge in a sound ambient. In the night, the project operates as a big urban lamp.

▼功能组织,modes of use




Hall Cafeteria


As a series of the easy moving installations, the hall cafeteria is all made by wood scaffolds. The furniture includes the table, chairs, lamp supporters, doors, shelves and partitions. These furniture could serve as functional spaces as well as proposing interactions between users.


▼剖透视,perspective axon





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