New workshop space for the Iceman, Netherlands by IWT

A dialogue between glass, wood, sunlight, earth and air

Project Specs


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IWT设计工作室将位于荷兰东部Wim Hof的两个农村谷仓改造成一个玻璃屋和一个木穴,作为Iceman的新训练场。Iceman(是一个专注于训练人体极端耐力与心理表现的机构,其训练项目包括呼吸练习、冷水接触和为国际客户和专业运动员提供的冥想训练。该项目由两个灵活使用的的区域组成。 一个气氛开放,外向,活泼(强调和空气的关系),一个封闭,内向,幽静(强调与土地的有关)。 这种并置的基本布局为场地今后升级以满足更多活动提供了空间。

Design studio IWT converts two rural barns into a glass house and wooden cave for Wim Hof in the east of the Netherlands. The Iceman ( focus on the integration of extreme human physical endurance with psychological performance through a.o. breathing exercises, cold water exposure and meditation training for both international private clients and professional athletes. The design consists of two flexible generic main areas. One with an open, extravert and outward atmosphere (which relates to the air), and one with a closed, introvert, secluded and grounded atmosphere (which relates to the earth). This juxtaposition forms the basic layout for upgrading the site into a no-nonsense but sensitive backdrop for the wide range of envisioned activities. 

▼由一个玻璃屋和一个木穴构成的Iceman新训练场,the new Iceman workshop space composed by a glass house and wooden cave


The glass house provides day and sunlight access throughout the day, creating a never ending play of shadows and light in the space which is ideal for active physical exercises. 

▼玻璃屋外景,outdoor scene of the glass house

▼充足的采光效果为锻炼活动营造了开敞,活跃的氛围,natural light provides open and vibrate atmosphere for various activities

而这个内敛的区域则完全被落叶松木条包裹着。 墙面上的木板条采购于隔壁锯木厂,墙体由粘土墙和这些木板条结合而成,专门为这个项目打造。 整个空间洋溢着温暖且充满大地感的冥想气氛。 一组可调光的灯光雕塑悬挂在室内上空,作为在这个区域进行的呼吸练习的有趣参照物。

The larch wood slats entirely enclose the introvert area. This locally sourced wood from the sawmill next door is combined with two artisanal walls of clay plaster, specifically mixed for this client. It creates a warm, earth-like atmosphere for meditation. The dimmable light sculpture waves through the space, as a playful reference to the breathing exercises performed in this area. 

▼与玻璃屋正交相对的木穴,the wooden cave orthogonally opposes and links with the glass room

▼木穴的墙壁由木板条和粘土墙组合而成,意在营造温暖平易的冥想气氛,the walls in the wooden cave are combined with  clay plaster and wooden planks for providing warm and calm meditation atmosphere

▼经设计的吊灯,可以产生变光效果配合呼吸运动,the designed dimmable light sculpture would be changing to cooperate with breathing exercises

▼墙壁细部(左),the detail of the wall of wooden cave; 该空间地面上的细节处理,透露着自然,轻松的气息(右),the detail on the floor in wooden cave shows natural and relaxed atmosphere(right)



The existing steel structures are maintained and form a framework for the building requirements in which future upgrades can be integrated by plugging in to the self sustainable power network of photovoltaic cells and thermal storage on site. 

▼该建筑钢结构框架,the steel structure of the building

▼建筑钢结构框架细部,the detail of the steel structure

设计师将保温层,排水沟,排水管道,滑动门轨道,玻璃面板和结构横梁等一系列不同元素合成了一组木制板条构件,类似点击式立面,看起来既干净又平和。这两个建筑都设有巨大的推拉门(一扇3.5mx 4.30m的木门和两扇5.5mx 3m的玻璃门),呈对角线放置。 一旦完全打开它们,就可以将室内、外空间混合使用,并为建筑内部提供自然流动的空气。

A visually clean and calm appearance is accomplished by combining an array of different elements such as insulation, gutters, drainage pipes, sliding door rails, glass panels and structural beams into one carefully detailed wooden slatted element, almost like a click-on facade. Both sheds have large sliding doors (one wooden door of 3.5m x 4.30m and two glass doors of 5.5m x 3m) positioned diagonally opposite of each other. Once opened up completely, they enable a blurred use with inside and outside activities and provide a natural air flow throughout the building. 

▼集保温层,排水沟,排水管道,滑动门轨道,玻璃面板和结构横梁于一体的木制板条构件,wooden slatted element combining an array of different elements such as insulation, gutters, drainage pipes, sliding door rails, glass panels and structural beams

▼场地平面,site plan



Completion year: 2017
Built area: 250m2
Project location: Barneveld, the Netherlands
Photographer: Pim Top (

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