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The natural Spring坐落于意大利南部Santa Lucia di Serino小镇中心,距那不勒斯40公里。作为意大利众多旅游城市之一,该地常年有众多游客经停于此,盛夏期间,潺潺的泉水更是解决了旅人的干渴。位于该地的一处泉水池仅占地90平方米,是当地文化和景观遗产的重要标记。年久失修使得这一泉水池早已破败不堪,为了防止它发生不可逆转的损坏,设计师决定对它进行翻修和改善。

The natural Spring is situated in the town centre of Santa Lucia di Serino, a small town just outside Avellino, 40 km from Naples. The town is a destination for tourists, walkers and cyclists who stop here to drink the cool spring water in particular during the summer time. The Spring is a small structure that encloses a space of about 90 sqm and is a Listed Building as per the “Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape”. We found this Spring in bad condition and it required a refurbishment project in order to prevent further and irreversible degradation.

▼泉水池外侧,beyond the wall at the outside

对于意大利人民来说,水一直是他们文化和历史上不可或缺的重要部分,事实上从古罗马时代开始,那不勒斯就修建了输水道以解决当地居民的用水问题。16世纪开始,远输而来的泉水便形成了灌溉溪流。这主要得益于De Filippi家族对地下水道和管道的修建。到了18世纪,泉水已经融入人们日常会面的公共空间,男人们每日泡汤沐浴,而女人们则在水中清洗衣物。


The presence of the water has always been a fundamental and distinctive element of the identity of this area, here in fact, the Roman aqueduct of Serino (also called Augustan Aqueduct) was built to solve the problem of water supply to Naples. In the sixtheenth century, the Spring was used to irrigate the valley thanks to the ingenious design of a network of tunnels and underground ducts by the De Filippi family. In the eighteenth century, the Spring was turned into a public laundry and it became a vital daily meeting place for the residents as the men took the water for everyday use and the women used it for washing clothes.

The project aims to rebuild the sense of identity, to develop the community spirit and to promote the culture of participation by giving back to the community one of the main gathering places of the town, an element strongly associated with the memory of the place and the history of the small community. In a modern concept of the relationship between the old and the new, the project is enhanced by a juxtaposition of the forms, stratigraphy, and materials of the past and the new features of the project necessary to bring to life the Spring once again.

▼泉水与意大利人的生活息息相关,the spring has been an important part of Italians


从外面开始,穿越一扇全新的大门,旅人将步入一条走廊。循迹而去,便可到达一个绿廊覆盖的洗衣间。原有的铺装被移除后,古老的石板地也随之暴露。这些名为Breccia Irpinia的石材是古代生活的最好见证。柯尔顿钢穿孔面板沿墙面排开,攀爬植物在其上恣意生长,为炎夏的旅人提供烈日遮挡。不同品类的植物让园中景色展现四季的变化。科尔顿钢的耐腐蚀性,使其相较其他材料更适合使用在湿度较大的泉水旁。而其表面的锈蚀痕迹也营造了独特的环境氛围。随着四季的更替,钢板表面的色泽也在产生着微小的变化。终于,泉水池在沉寂多年之后又再次回到当地人的生活之中。

From this space, through a new door, you arrive into a small hallway leading to the internal washhouse space covered by a pergola. Here the paving was removed to bring to life the old original stone flooring called Breccia Irpinia, which appears in excellent condition and the internal walls were cladded with corten panels and perforated corten panels on which climbing plants will grow and continue on steel cables to form the pergola giving shade in the hot summer months. The plants are of different types so that differing colours and flowers are visible at different periods of the year. The choice of the corten was due to the humidity of the Spring. The corten steel has in fact a protective quality from corrosion thanks to a compact patina constituted from oxidation of its compounds. This patina will differ in tonality as time goes by, giving it a brownish discoloration. This Spring, closed for many years, has now been returned to the community.

▼墙内侧的泉池庭院,the spring inside a washroom space

▼柯尔顿钢用作墙面铺装,using cortex steel as the pavement of wall

▼墙面布置攀爬植物,climbing plants are planted

▼修缮后的泉水池,the renovated spring





▼改造分析,concept of the renovation

Gross floor area: 93 m2
Cost Construction: € 48.199,98
Client:Comune di Santa Lucia di Serino, (AV)
Architectural design: 32mq design studio
General Contractor: G&G Construction
Photography:Simone Florena, Marco Abete, Riccardo Giliberti

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