Parking roof integrates engineer and art, expressing the idea of sustainability

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在OPENBOX参与了众多成功的大型项目后,B Grimm Power委托设计师为他们在其总部建造一个地标性建筑,以传达出强烈的信息,即向公众建立起可持续能源重要性的意识。

After many success OPENBOX design interventions for large scale projects, B Grimm Power sends us a brief to help to create an awareness of the importance of sustainable energy to the public. The brief was to create an iconic piece of landmark at their Headquarters Office, that can send a strong message.

▼项目鸟瞰,位于B Grimm Power总部前,aerial view of the project located in front of the headquarter of  B Grimm Power


OPENBOX design team studied the headquarters layout and proposed to create two multi-function objects at the office parking areas, at the most visible location from the main road. We will create a parking roof, complete with solar panels in the form of a stunning sculpture.

▼顶视图,装置位于街道边最显眼的位置,top view of the installation located at the most noticeable space beside the street

▼车棚顶部的太阳板如雕塑一般排列,the solar panels on the parking roof creating a sculptural form

B.Grimm Power是太阳能公司中的佼佼者,公司此项目强调使用太阳能电池板和太阳能农场。设计将建筑与自然融合为一体,为创造更具活力的形式,每个太阳能电池板根据能量波以不同的角度排列为“动力之翼”。与此同时,它也受到B.Grimm企业价值观的启发,雕塑由太阳能电池板排列组成象征着公司员工的团结。

B.Grimm Power is the leading professional firm in solar energy, the company’s headquarters emphasis is using the solar panel and solar farm. The design is integration between architecture and nature. In order to create a more dynamic form, each solar panel was arranged in various angles according to energy waves to be “The Power wing”. Also, it’s inspired by B.Grimm corporate’s value, the solar panel demonstrates the unity of people in their corporation.

▼太阳板以不同角度紧密排列,the solar panels were arranged in various angles

这件艺术作品只有两根支撑柱,通过50米长的钢架、巨大的悬臂与太阳能电池板装置来表达出工程美学。这象征着人类在结构和能源工程方面取得的成就。在结构的表面之下,是赤陶橙色(B.Grimm Power公司的代表色)的线条。

The piece of art itself will express engineering aesthetics by revealing a steel skeleton of a 50 meters piece of art with only 2 columns, and grand cantilever, combined with solar panels installations. This symbolized mankind’s achievements in structural and energy engineering.  Under the surface of the structure, are dashes of terracotta orange that stand for B.Grimm Power color identity.

▼装置只有两根支柱,the installation with only two columns

▼悬臂和钢架体现工程美学,the steel skeleton and cantilevers expressing engineering aesthetics

▼装置底部采用代表公司的赤陶橙色,the soffit of the installation using terracotta orange to represent the company


From the main street passing the front of the headquarters office and through the entrance road, the sculptures create a strong presence with the awareness as intended. More than just a visual landmark, the sculptures symbolized a connection between engineering and art, that should be perceived as ONE.

▼装置细部,details of the installation

▼夜景,night view

▼结构分解图,exploded axonometric of the structure

▼停车区A装置平面、立面和剖面,plan, elevations and sections of the installation in Parking A

完成时间 : 2020年
建筑团队 : Openbox Architects and Openbox Group
机电工程师 : Siam complete construction Co. ltd
顾问 :Solarcon Co.,Itd
建造商 : APM group & service Co.,ltd
摄影 : Panoramic Studio
停车区A : 面积 677.30平方米
太阳能电池板 :318块;峰值功率 124.02kWp
停车区B : 面积533.80平方米
太阳能电池板 :252块;峰值功率 98.28kWp



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