The Poise Collection by Desmond Lim

A poetical join of ash hardwood and cast stone

Project Specs

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平衡桌椅系列(Poise Collection)将白蜡木木材的温暖感与人造石块的重量感诗意地结合在了一起,打造出一系列雕塑般的实用性家具。

The Poise Collection features a series of tables and seats that poetically join the warmth of ash hardwood to the weightiness of cast stone, forming a sculptural yet practical furniture series.

▼平衡桌椅系列,the Poise Collection


The uncanny two-legged tables explores an interdependent relationship in which a cast stone base supports its ash wood top. This startling yet subtle joining of the two contrasting elements make dramatic use of their material qualities to bring unexpected stability to the furniture pieces, resulting in a visual language of balance and poise which determines the identity of the collection.

▼两腿桌,木制桌腿支撑着白蜡木桌面,圆柱形的人造石块则卡在两个木制的桌腿之间以保持整个结构的平衡,the two-legged table, a cast stone base supports its ash wood top

▼两腿椅和单腿椅,the two-legged seat and the single-legged seat

▼两腿椅,人造石块卡在凳腿之间以保持平衡,the two-legged seat, the cast stone is stuck between the legs to keep balance

▼单腿椅,人造石块环绕着凳腿以保持稳定性,the single-legged seat, the cast stone embraces the leg to bring stability

Poise Collection系列确实创造了一种令人兴奋的新型视觉语言。虽然桌椅的高度各不相同,但它们的占地面都很小,这也就意味着人们可以根据自己的需求来选择如何使用桌子:可以单独使用一张桌子,也可以在大空间中将数张桌子叠落起来使用。Poise Collection系列的外观造型既俏皮又简约,极具美感,能够很好地适应各种现代风格的空间。

The collection offers an exciting new visual language featuring tables and seats that have varying heights and small footprints. This allows the tables to be used individually or can be overlapped when grouped in a larger space. With a playful but pared-back aesthetic, this collection is able to easily complement and add intrigue to many contemporary interiors.

▼Poise Collection系列桌椅,高度各不相同,但占地面都很小,the Poise Collection featuring tables and seats that have varying heights and small footprints

▼两腿桌局部细节,details of the two-legged table


The base is cast using a combination of marble sand that is made from crushed offcuts of the marble industry and copper slag, a by-product of the copper industry. This combination of aggregates are mixed and cast in Jesmonite, a water-based acrylic modified gypsum. The table tops are made from American ash, which is a highly sustainable source of hardwood that has an increasing net growth of 6 million m³ per year.

▼两腿椅,the two-legged seat

▼单腿椅,the single-legged seat

在这个惯于丢弃的社会背景下,Poise Collection系列重新思考了家具与使用者之间的关系。这个系列尝试通过人性化的家居物品来传达情感的持久性,为商业家具市场带去了更为感情化的设计语言,已于2019年6月在Central Saint Martins Degree Show Two上正式面世。本项目是来自伦敦的马来西亚设计师Desmond Lim的首个系列作品。值得一提的是,Desmond的作品大都致力于探索和表达当代家具在实物上和情感上的耐用性。Desmond希望能够凭借着自己对材料和制作过程的深刻理解,通过一种实验性的设计方法来探究传统资源和未来资源的材料潜力。

The Poise Collection takes a much needed reevaluation of the relationship between furniture and the user within the context of a throw-away society. This collection expresses emotional durability by humanising domestic objects, bringing a more emotive design language to the commercial furniture market. The Poise Collection launched at the at the Central Saint Martins Degree Show Two in June 2019. Poise is a debut collection by London based Malaysian designer, Desmond Lim, whose work is rooted in the creation of physical and emotional durability in contemporary furniture. Through a deep understanding of materials and processes, Desmond takes an experimental and hands on approach to discover the hidden potential both of traditional and future resources.

▼人造石块底座细节,details of the cast stone base

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