The origo lighting collection by davidpompa

Luminous “sculpture”

Project Specs


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Studio davidpompa introduces two new perspectives to the Origo collection during Design Week Mexico 2019. An aesthetic of geometrical lighting that combines volcanic rock with an opal glass diffuser. The effect of the light reflected in the texture of the volcanic rock creates a relationship between light and composition, and an exploration of their interaction. The Origo collection combines the elegance of light and volcanic rock, creating a unique effect that reveals the relief and contour of enclosure. Two spheres that vary in materiality, weight and character and that together create a new visual language.

▼Origo系列灯具,the Origo collection

本次在墨西哥设计周上展出的Origo落地灯与台灯,不仅是对该系列的拓展延伸,同时也是对今年4月Euroluce, Salone del Mobile Milan展览的完美补充。毋庸置疑,Origo系列灯具成为了本届墨西哥设计周的一大亮点。在今年的设计周上,为了更好的展示灯具的现代风格和温暖特征,设计团队特地打造了一个临时的工业化展览空间。其中,深灰色的火山岩可吸引游客走进展厅,亲自体验和使用灯具。粗糙的岩石和柔缓的光线形成的强烈对比,使Origo系列产品在视觉上更具震撼力。

Design Week Mexico was the perfect context to present these two new family members, complementing the exhibition this year at Euroluce, Salone del Mobile Milan 2019 in April. The complete Origo collection was without a doubt a highlight of the well known event Content in Mexico City during Design Week. An industrial container became the scenario to present Origo´s contemporary forms and warm character. This year it wasn´t only about an exhibition, but rather the space was turned into an experience, with visitors walking intrigued over dark gray volcanic rock stones. This strong contrast between the roughness of the stone and the soft light made the collection visually sharper.

▼Origo系列灯具,the Origo collection


A geometric interaction between volcanic rock and opal glass diffuser. Two geometrical spheres of contrasting yet complementary materials. A compact size made for an intimate moment. The smooth dimmer allows Origo table to shift from sculpture to table lamp and all emotions in between. The new composition complements both pendant and wall version, bringing its aesthetic to a more personal space.

▼Origo台灯与吊灯,the Origo table and pendant


Bringing a new height to a unique collection. Origo floor elevates the opal glass and the volcanic rock to a new perspective. With new proportions, this elegant and tall aesthetic becomes a sculpture on a contemporary stage. Made of recinto volcanic rock and opal glass spheres, both supported by coated aluminium. Closer to our gaze, Origo floor stands both with character and subtlety.

▼Origo落地灯,Origo floor


Recinto also known as volcanic rock is made from lava solidification. Created when lava cools down rapidly on land surface after a volcanic eruption. A distinct and enigmatic material with a porous texture that may vary in refinement. Rich nuances of dark grey are created through irregular variations on the surface. This strong and resistant rock has been present in Mexico, used by several Mesoamerican cultures, mainly for sculptures, kitchen utensils and architecture. The most iconic examples are the Mexican Molcajete and Metate, both Mortars used already over 3500 years. Recinto, deeply rooted in Mexican culture, represents historical richness.

▼火山岩细部,details of the Recinto

▼昏暗环境下的温暖灯光,the warm light in a dim environment


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