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建筑零件品牌izé推出了由Zaha Hadid Design设计的新概念门把手NEXXA,雕塑感十足的把手在转动时也能保持连续的优美曲线。

Architectural ironmongery specialist izé is delighted to announce the launch of NEXXA, a new concept in door handles designed by Zaha Hadid Design. The sculptural handle maintains a single continuous line, even when turning.

▼把手概览,overview of the design © ZHD

Zaha Hadid Design联合总监Woody Yao解释说:“通过不断的创新,我们希望设计出即使转动时也不会折断的曲线把手。产品包括两个部分,通过中间的转轴相连接,形成一个整体。我们做了大量研究以解决转动时两部分的衔接问题。Izé以定制闻名,因此设计没有采用成品的模式,而是为品牌量身打造了雕塑般的设计。”

Woody Yao, co-Director of Zaha Hadid Design, explained, ‘We looked at how we could make it more innovative and at how we could design a handle in a single continuous line which isn’t broken even if the handle is being turned.” ‘We made it into two pieces coming together with an elbow joint but they had to merge. We did a lot of research in how to make use of the break between the two elements as part of the story. izé is all about the bespoke and the customized, so the idea was to create not an off-the-shelf design but a sculpture.’


The NEXXA handle is available in a range of finishes. Among them is solid rose gold, which has never been used before as a standard finish on a commercially available handle. Other finishes include satin and polished black titanium.

▼转动时也保持连续曲线,the handle in a continuous line even when being turned © ZHD

▼创新的玫瑰金材质,innovative rose gold material © ZHD

▼为建筑空间增添雕塑感,making a sculptural addition to architectural space © ZHD

Zaha Hadid Design的另一位联合总监Maha Kutay关于软件和原型设计工具的进步发表了见解:“ 3D打印使我们能够轻松地推敲形状,快速完善设计,使其更满足人体工学。于此同时,我们仍与izé的雕塑师们保持合作,这样的工作模式十分高效。”

When discussing the advancements in design software and prototyping tools, Maha Kutay, co-director of Zaha Hadid Design, said, ‘3D printers allowed us to experiment with form and made it easier and quicker for us to refine the design and to make it more ergonomic, though we were still working with izé’s sculptor and model maker and the back and forth between them was incredibly productive.’

这个独特的把手由来已久,早在2006年,Zaha Hadid便开始了自己的构思。设计历经多个阶段的优化,变得更加实用,更符合人体工学,也更具创新性。

This extraordinary handle has had a long genesis. Discussions began in 2006, with Zaha Hadid herself.  ‘The design’ says Yao ‘went through phases to become more functional and more ergonomic. ‘But also,’ he added ‘more innovative.’

▼符合人体工学的设计,ergonomic design © ZHD

izé的销售总监BernadettKaszás说:“与Zaha Hadid Design共同开发把手的过程令人兴奋,NEXXA既实用又新颖,有着令人愉悦的外观和触感。”

Bernadett Kaszás, sales director of izé, said, ‘It has been a fascinating process working with Zaha Hadid Design to develop a handle that embodies a new idea in a way that is practical to use and a joy to look at and touch.’

这件优雅的产品不仅为建筑空间增添了更多雕塑感,符合人体工学的设计也推动了门把手功能的发展。izé与先锋设计师的合作由来已久,NEXXA是其中最新的作品,他们曾经的合作伙伴还包括Eric Parry, Kenneth Grange CBE, Sergison Bates, Mark Pimlott和Terence Woodgate。该品牌的门把手曾在皇家艺术学院和伦敦设计博物馆展出,还有很多已加入维多利亚和阿尔伯特博物馆的永久收藏。

This elegant piece would make a sculptural addition to any architectural space. Ergonomically designed, it pushes the function of a door handle into new areas. This is the latest of many collaborations that izé has enjoyed with leading designers. Others include Eric Parry, Kenneth Grange CBE, Sergison Bates, Mark Pimlott and Terence Woodgate. Its door handles have been exhibited at the Royal Academy and the Design Museum in London and many are in the Victoria & Albert Museum’s permanent collection.

▼转动时的曲线,the curve of turning © ZHD

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