The last phase of the renovation of Chiavicone Bondanello by Archiplan Studio

Integration of new materials and historical buildings

Project Specs


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自2009年开始的“Chiavicone Bondanello”翻修工程,其最终阶段的内容是在建筑中增加耐候钢元素。这栋建筑始建于16世纪,现有外观源自1900年的一次重建。在1960年,由于河水泛滥,建筑在部分倒塌后又进行了再次修复。


The covering in corten was the last phase of the renovation of “Chiavicone Bondanello”, started in 2009.The building was constructed in the XVI th century and the actual aspect derives from a renovation in 1900. Furthermore in 1960 the building partially collapsed after the river overflow and it was reconstructed.


▼网状钢结构替换了建筑已损坏部分,the mesh steel structure replaces damaged parts of the building

▼建筑内部空间,interior space

▼建筑内部可以清晰看到聚碳酸酯板,it’s clearly to see the polycarbonate wall

▼从窗户往外望,view to the outside from window

▼聚碳酸酯板与古老墙壁的融合,a blend of polycarbonate walls and ancient walls

A new reticular steel structure with polycarbonate wall replace the volume that was destroyed; inside there is a polyfunctional space with the environment center of the Secchia river park.The new covering in corten linked the restored facade with the new volume and show the stratification of the interventions. The perception of the facades is dynamic and changes from every different angles, emphasizing the historical facade, the relation with the contemporary intervention or also the strength of the oxidised steel. The polycarbonate wall during the night works like a lamp that emphasize the social function of the building and make it a signal in the landscape.

▼充满历史感的铁制楼梯,iron stairs with a sense of history

▼网状钢结构细部,details of the steel mesh

▼平面图,ground plan



Completion Year: 2019
Gross Built Area: 400 mq
Project location: Bondanello di Moglia (Mantova) Italia

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Photographer’s Instagram: archiplanstudio

Additional credits
Lead Architects: Diego Cisi e Stefano Gorni Silvestrini Architetti
Design Team: Diego Cisi, Stefano Gorni Silvestrini, Jacopo Rettondini, Chiara Galusi
Clients: Amministarzione Comunale di Moglia
Engineering: Ing. Stefano Mazzocchi
Landscape: arch. Stefano Gorni Silvestrini

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