The Coffee Prudente & The Coffee Comendador by Studio Boscardin.Corsi Arquitetura

A new way of customer service and a new way of interacting with the public highway

Project Specs


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The Coffee Prudente

改造城市中的片段,扩展统一的中心,提高认知,带来新观念,同时改变人们的生活习惯。在巴西库里蒂巴市中心的Prudente de Moraes街道,设计师发现了一扇小小的、曾被隔壁餐馆使用的服务门,并充分发挥了它的潜力。

lTransform small urban fragments, expand consolidated centers, raise awareness, bring a new concept and also change the routine of people. At Prudente de Moraes Street, central area of Curitiba, Brazil, a small service door that was previously unused by the restaurant next door, was potentially seen and turned into business.

▼Prudente街咖啡站,The Coffee Prudente



Inspired by the simplicity and minimalism of Japan, the coffee’s architectural project seeks to highlight the coffee from the other buildings next door, verticalizing the façade so that, even narrow, it has a stature. The small interior of 3m² was the big challenge, as not only did it not allow many layout possibilities, but the position of the espresso machine was crucial.

by using the vertical façade, even narrow, the space has a stature

▼内部空间,internal space

The Coffee changes the routine of people


Cosmopolitan and timeless, The Coffee is not just an architectural proposition, it is an experience, a new way of customer service and a new way of interacting with the public highway.

▼街道视角,street view



The Coffee Comendador

这间咖啡站同样位于库里蒂巴市中心,占据了Comendador Araújo街道上的一个6平方米的空间,与其旁边餐厅的入口融为一体,犹如一块嵌入的拼图。

A 6m2 coffee shop inspired by simplicity and Japanese minimalism, the coffee reinvents the downtown area, changes people’s routine and opens up new possibilities. In Comendador Araújo Street, downtown Curitiba, Brazil, the coffee shop was incorporated into the entrance of a restaurant, embedded as a piece in a puzzle.

▼Prudente街咖啡站,The Coffee Comendador



With a volume with front and side transparency, in its glazed side, the coffee breathes and exposes, revealing its interior, with a new dynamic of service and visibility. The small internal area of 4.75m² was the big challenge, proposed with the functionality so that up to two baristas can work simultaneously. Access is through the side glass door and the storage area, with 1.15sqm, is behind the service.

▼服务空间,service area

access is through the side glass door and the storage area


The repetition of the metallic and woody slats, both vertically, added to the checkerboard ceramic grid, give dynamics and movement. Composed of simple materials, the illuminated cube stands out, demarcating the entrance, protecting it on rainy days and shining at nightfall.

the repetition of the metallic and woody slats is added to the checkerboard ceramic grid

the illuminated cube protects the entrance on rainy days and shines at nightfall

▼街道立面,street facade

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