The Citizenry, Dallas by THOUGHTBARN

warm working space, unique wooden details

Project Specs


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手工家居品牌“The Citizenry”的新总部坐落在达拉斯市中心独特的400 Record大楼内。客户希望随着公司的发展而拓展空间,体现出品牌对伙伴、故事性和现代设计的重视。

The new headquarters for artisanal home goods brand The Citizenry is located in the distinctive 400 Record building in downtown Dallas. The clients were seeking a space to accommodate the company’s expansion while reflecting its values of partnership, storytelling, and modern design.

▼ the Citizenry的新总部空间,体现公司文化,new headquarters for the Citizenry, reflecting company culture © Lisa Petrole


The result was an exercise in elevating standard material systems to create a highly crafted environment on a moderate budget. The 2×2 acoustic ceiling tiles are modified with unique features such as linear maple light coves and recessed slat ceilings. The wood detailing is continued in bespoke desks and a custom store front wall, which contains private offices and conference rooms. Programmatically, the work and meeting areas are complimented by a generous cafe-like break room that doubles as an ‘all-hands’ gathering space. The company’s textiles and ceramics complete the effort to make a corporate workspace that has a warmth and comfort more akin to a residential project.

▼ 入口空间展现木质细节,reception © Lisa Petrole

▼ 入口处相连的小型休息室,team lounges by the reception © Lisa Petrole

▼ 工作空间,独特的照明设计,work spaces, unique lighting design © Lisa Petrole

▼ 转角的私人办公室,private offices around the corner © Lisa Petrole

▼ 会议室,conference room © Lisa Petrole

▼ 休息区,breakroom spaces © Lisa Petrole

▼ 轴测图,axonometric drawing © THOUGHTBARN

▼ 装修设计,decoration design © THOUGHTBARN

▼ 平面图,plan © THOUGHTBARN



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