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The beauty of precise geometric module of architecture

Project Specs


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In a beachside residential area of Herzliya, TEO (the Theodor Herzl Center for culture, art, and content) comes into view as a distinct single-story building, eminently lower than the neighborhood’s enclosed private mansions.

▼项目区位概览,overview of the site  © Amit Geron, Nimrod Levy


The freestanding TEO opens up a wide panorama toward the west—the horizon over the ocean—thus rupturing the visual and social narrative of walled luxury villas this area of Herzliya is known for. The insertion of a fully exposed public cultural center as an event in the surrounding urbanscape was key to the design strategy.

▼主入口立面,facade of the main entrance  © Amit Geron, Nimrod Levy

▼西立面,west facade  © Amit Geron, Nimrod Levy

▼北立面,north facade  © Amit Geron, Nimrod Levy


The uniqueness of the design lies in the coherence of a precise geometric module that is strictly enforced throughout; Concrete (on-site casts & precast units), textured glass, and metal flow seamlessly from exterior to interior surfaces. Cutting-edge sealing techniques were used to protect the building from the rain while maintaining its flat roof silhouette and tight proportions.

▼建筑元素与细节都保持了严谨而精确的模块化形式,a precise geometric module that is strictly enforced throughout  © Amit Geron, Nimrod Levy

▼材料完美地拼合在一起,并从外立面延伸到室内,materials flow seamlessly from exterior to interior surfaces  © Amit Geron, Nimrod Levy


The patio (292 m2) makes available a space of quiet and welcoming scale. The floated, draining floor provides a pleasing horizontal surface from which a single mature oak tree rises. Direct sunlight from above dynamically projects its presence across the patio’s surfaces, creating ever-changing visual compositions of organic against geometrical form.

▼悬挑的水平构建具有排水的功能,the cantilever horizontal construction has the function of drainage  © Amit Geron, Nimrod Levy

▼天井中的茂密的橡树,为项目增添了自然的生气, a single mature oak tree rises within the patio  © Amit Geron, Nimrod Levy

▼从室外看画廊,viewing the gallery from the outside  © Amit Geron, Nimrod Levy

作为多功能服务设施,TEO为当地从事艺术或有文化追求的居民提供了完善的活动场地。建筑平面成一个50m x 50m的正方形,各项功能空间围绕着偏心的中央庭院设置,包括音乐学院、舞蹈学校、艺术与陶瓷工作室、画廊、高级娱乐中心以及自助餐厅。较高的部分楼层设有图书馆,并辅以300平方米的露天平台。

TEO provides a unique functional facility to the city’s art-practicing and culture-seeking residents. The plan is designed within a 50 by 50 m2 around an offset central patio surrounded by the various programs: a music conservatory, a dance school, art and ceramics studios, a gallery, a senior recreation center, and a cafeteria. An upper partial floor houses a library complemented by a 300 m2 open deck.

▼画廊,the gallery  © Amit Geron, Nimrod Levy

▼从走廊看天井,viewing the patio from the hallway  © Amit Geron, Nimrod Levy

▼室内材料与立面保持一致,the interior materials are consistent with the facade  © Amit Geron, Nimrod Levy

▼音乐学院报告厅, the music conservatory  © Amit Geron, Nimrod Levy

▼舞蹈排练室,the dance school  © Amit Geron, Nimrod Levy

▼自助餐厅,the cafeteria  © Amit Geron, Nimrod Levy

▼夜景,night view  © Amit Geron, Nimrod Levy

▼总平面图,master plan  © A.Lerman Architects Ltd.

▼平面图,floor plan  © A.Lerman Architects Ltd.

▼剖面图,sections © A.Lerman Architects Ltd.

Technical Sheet
Client: Herzliya development company Ltd.
Completion year: September 2019
Built area: 2500 m2
Location: Herzliya, Israel
Principal architect: Asaf Lerman
Project architects: Danielle Nagila, Nimrod Schenkelbach, Itai Bachor.
Photo credit: Amit Geron, Nimrod Levy

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