Temple Beth Shalom by Andersson Wise Architects

Eternal faith

Project Specs


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The building, by virtue of the materials of which it is made, is a lasting testament to the value of tradition for generations to come. The worship space, constructed of load-bearing masonry walls, celebrates the architectural concept of physical permanence.

▼建筑外观,project appearance © Andrew Pogue

▼各空间入口,different entrances of the area © Andrew Pogue

▼立面及其细部,facade and the details © Andrew Pogue

▼教堂入口,entrance of the temple © Andrew Pogue

▼露台走廊,terrace corridor © Andrew Pogue

▼礼拜空间,worship space © Andrew Pogue

▼两层楼高的礼拜空间,the worship space with 2 floors © Andrew Pogue

▼空间细部,details © Andrew Pogue

▼石墙及混凝土立面细部,stone wall and concrete facade details © Andrew Pogue

▼平面图,plan © Andersson Wise Architects

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