teamLab’s New Museum to Open in Macao

A Massive, Multi-Layered, Immersive Space Premieres at The Venetian Macao in January, 2020

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艺术团队teamLab与澳门金沙度假区共同开发的全新大型美术馆,即将于2020年1月在澳门威尼斯人®开馆。这个teamLab全新常设美术馆,设立于澳门威尼斯人金光会展展览馆F馆,是一个高8米,规模5,000平方米,还拥有高低差的极为复杂的立体空间,由拥有极强沉浸感特征的teamLab作品群构成。 该美术馆目前正在施工中,于2020年1月开馆时,一些全新作品也将被发表。


Art collective teamLab, together with Sands Resorts Macao, will open a monumental, unparalleled museum at The Venetian in Macao in January, 2020. The as of yet untitled new, permanent museum will be housed in The Venetian Macao® Cotai Expo Hall F, boasting 5,000 square meters of labyrinthine floor space. With cavernous ceilings 8 meters high throughout, the space will be transformed by teamLab into an extremely complex, three-dimensional world with varying elevations filled with ever-changing, immersive artworks. The museum is now under construction and is set to open in January, 2020 and will unveil entirely new pieces.

该美术馆将成为澳门威尼斯人的新地标,是一个模糊了人与作品之间界线的“能够将身体完全沉浸其中的美术馆”。 参观者将与他人一起沉浸在这个世界中,并和他人一起用有意识的身体创造自己的世界。

What teamLab calls a “body immersive” museum challenges the conventional notion of the “physical.” This new destination at The Venetian Macao will be a world of teamLab artworks that blur the boundaries between the human body and art.


Visitors will immerse themselves in and create an entirely new world together. People will become entirely immersed with others in the art, unifying with the artworks. As the boundaries between the body and the art become ambiguous, the boundaries between the self, the other, and the world also become continuous, allowing us to explore new relationships that transcend the boundaries between ourselves and the world.

地址:澳门威尼斯人® 金光会展展览馆F馆
开馆日期: 2020年1月
* 开馆日期及门票价格将会日后发布。

[Museum Summary]
Location: The Venetian Macao Cotai Expo Hall F
Estrada da Baía de N. Senhora da Esperança, s/n, Taipa, Macao SAR, P.R. China
Opens: January, 2020
* Museum hours, admission, etc to be announced in late 2019.
Official museum URL:
The Venetian Macao:

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