Teahouse Ø by PAN- PROJECTS

Public urban water space

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Floating Pavilion Ø is a series of pavilions that proposes urban water spaces as new public spaces. Teahouse Ø is the first one to be built amongst the series.

▼装置与环境,Teahouse Ø and surroundings © David Hugo Cabo

如今被誉为可持续发展城市的哥本哈根曾经是繁荣的工业区,整个运河在当时受到严重污染。多年来,丹麦人一直致力于改变运河的状况,最终将滨水区转变为城市活动中心。为了推进这项运动,创造更加美好且可持续的未来,PAN- PROJECTS首次发布了漂浮装置计划后,丹麦艺术基金会和哥本哈根市共同参与并发起了系列项目。

Currently known as a sustainable city, Copenhagen once prospered as an industrial area, the canals across the city were heavily polluted at time. Throughout the years, the Danish citizens have been making huge efforts into changing the situation that resulted in converting the waterfront into a hub for urban activities. Aiming to boost this great movement for the better, sustainable future living, the floating pavilion project firstly has launched by PAN- PROJECTS by its own and later followed and founded by The Danish Arts Foundation and the City of Copenhagen.

▼装置外观,external view of Teahouse Ø © David Hugo Cabo

▼长立面,longitudinal facade © David Hugo Cabo

▼侧立面,lateral facade © David Hugo Cabo


Teahouse Ø is designed to express the beauty of various natural phenomena created by the expressive substance water in space. Space fluctuates in diverse phenomena such as reflections on the water surface, project movements of weather, and transition of light over time. The interior space and the appearance of the architecture as seen from the outside are constantly changing depending on the surrounding environment.

▼浮动的水面,floating water © David Hugo Cabo

▼水中倒影,reflection in water © David Hugo Cabo


By creating a translucent boundary made of acrylics that directly reflects the expression of the 360-degree water surface, the space succeeded in creating a space where well enforces the various phenomena such as sparkle, fluctuation, a haze of water, and the most importantly its beauty of our water space.

▼丙烯酸树脂构成了半透明的边界,the translucent boundary made of acrylics  © David Hugo Cabo

▼细部,details © David Hugo Cabo


This project was supported by STATENS KUNSTFOND. The other two floating pavilions, Oyster bar Ø and Plaza Ø are scheduled to be realized in coming years to celebrate our sustainable future of the city.

▼轴测动图,axon gif  © PAN- PROJECTS

▼平面图,plans © PAN- PROJECTS

▼立面图,elevations © PAN- PROJECTS

▼剖面图,sections © PAN- PROJECTS

Project size: 11 m2
Completion date: 2019
Project team: PAN- PROJECTS

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