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Talking Time是设计师Derek Welsh最新设计的手工制作的家具系列,已于2019年9月至10月在Paul Smith商店里正式展出。该商店位于伦敦梅菲尔上流住宅区(Mayfair)的阿尔伯马尔街9号。


Talking Time is a new collection of handcrafted furniture by Derek Welsh on show at Paul Smith, No. 9 Albermarle Street, Mayfair, London. September – October 2019

The work was inspired by Welsh’s late grandfather who was blind and strong memories of him weaving seats. The title of the work is taken from the clock owned by him called Talking Time which was one of the first speaking clocks on the market to synthesize an actual human voice. As an object it has become increasingly rare so it holds strong memories of people and time.

▼“会说话的时间”桌椅,table and chair of Talking Time


Referencing time and the time it takes to craft and to make decisions and revisions about materials, form and function, Welsh sees the collection as a celebration of both perfection and imperfection of the handmade and of time itself. As a child Welsh remembers seeing his grandfather weaving: the methodical process of weaving the warp and weft and the time it took. Using Danish paper cord, Welsh has likewise woven the seats of both the stool and chair. He as however left the stool unfinished, intentionally, marking time spent and time that is still to be spent. Welsh invites us to consider the human hand, the handcrafted and time.

▼编织椅,由镀锌钢和纸绳制成,尺寸为750mm x 450mm x 450mm,the chair made of galvanised steel and paper cord with the dimension of 750mm x 450mm x 450mm

▼刻意呈现出未完成状态的编织凳,由镀锌钢和纸绳制成,尺寸为450mm x 450mm x 450mm,the stool left unfinished intentionally that is made of galvanised steel and paper cord with the dimension of 450mm x 450mm x 450mm

Welsh是一位拥有着超过25年木工经验的设计师和木匠。最初,他在苏格兰的一家小型木工和细木工公司里当学徒以积累经验。2005年,Welsh成立了Derek Welsh工作室。他注重细节,致力于设计和制造各种概念明确的高品质室内构件和家具。工作室的总部设在格拉斯哥,主要为住宅和商业项目提供定制的家具。通常情况下,每一个项目的运行周期为8-10周。2013年,Welsh开始与Paul Smith合作,共同设计了一系列限量作品。此次他也很高兴能够在Paul Smith的实体店里展出他的最新作品。

Welsh is a designer and woodworker with over 25 years of woodworking knowledge. He initially apprenticed with a small carpentry and joinery firm in Scotland. In 2005 he set up Derek Welsh Studio, producing bespoke interiors and furniture products with a focus on purposeful design, high quality craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Based in Glasgow Derek Welsh/Studio designs and hand makes bespoke one off pieces, small batches and fitted bespoke interiors for residential and commercial clients. The lead time for commissions is approx 8-10 weeks. In 2013 Welsh collaborated with Paul Smith to design and make a limited edition set of dominoes and he is delighted to be able to show his recent work in the Paul Smith Store.

▼桌子的支撑结构,由欧洲橡木木材打造而成,the supporting structure of the table, made of European Oak

▼镀锌钢桌面细节,桌子的尺寸为730mm x 1230mm x 6mm,details of the table counter made of galvanised steel, the dimension of the table is 730mm x 1230mm x 6mm

▼编织椅细节,details of the chair

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