Tainan Xinhua Fruit And Vegetable Market, China by MVRDV

Undulating terraced roof gardens

Project Specs


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MVRDV has broken ground on a new wholesale market for fruit and vegetables in Tainan. With its terraced accessible green roof, the open-air market will not only be an important hub for Tainan’s food supply chain, but also a destination for meeting, socialising, and taking in views of the surrounding landscape from the building’s accessible green farming roof.

The Tainan Xinhua Fruit and Vegetable Market takes an often-prosaic part of the food industry and elevates it into a place for the public to experience food and appreciate views of the landscape. The market is located to the East of Tainan, between the city and the mountains and, thanks to its proximity to Highway 3 and public transport links, is easily accessible from both the surrounding farmland and the city, making it equally convenient for traders, buyers and visitors.

▼市场鸟瞰图,the aerial view ©️MVRDV 2018 – (Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs, Nathalie de Vries)


The terraces of the roof will each grow a different crop – with terraces for pineapples, rice, roses, tea, and more – with the level of each type of plant determined by the plant’s climatic requirements. The roof includes sheltered spots, benches and picnic tables that allow visitors to sit and enjoy the view.

“台南一直是我心目中最美的城镇之一,这大概是因为我非常喜欢它的自然景观、农业用地、农场、大海和山脉吧,” MVRDV的联合创始人Winy Maas说道。“我希望台南市场能够与景观和周边的自然环境融为一体,成为这个美丽的地方的象征。它功能齐全,可以满足拍卖、销售和购买商品的需求,与此同时,其退台式屋面不仅可以种植农产品,还能够为游客提供一个远离喧嚣的观景空间。”

“Tainan, in my opinion, is one of those towns which is so beautiful to me because maybe most of its nature, agriculture fields, farms, sea, and mountains”, says Winy Maas, co-founder of MVRDV. “Tainan Market, can become a building that symbolizes this beauty as it compliments both landscape and its surrounding environment. It is completely functional and caters to the needs for auctioning, selling and buying goods, but its terraced roof with its collection of growing products will allow visitors to take in the landscape while escaping from bustle below.’’

▼退台式屋面花园,与景观和周边的自然环境融为一体,the terraced green roof which compliments both landscape and its surrounding environment ©️MVRDV 2018 – (Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs, Nathalie de Vries)


The design comprises a simple open structure with high undulating ceilings that allow for plenty of natural ventilation, with an undulating terraced green roof that is accessible from its eastern corner, where the terraces step down to ground level. The terraces will house the different products of the area. The building therefore provides an elevated platform from which visitors can appreciate the landscape that characterises this part of Taiwan. At the same time, it takes on the appearance of rolling green hills, thus becoming a continuation of that landscape. On one side, a simple four-storey structure contains the market’s administrative offices, a restaurant, and an exhibition centre where agricultural products from the region can be displayed, making the building ideal for school visits. This four-storey addition punctures the main structure, providing a secondary access to the landscaped roof.

▼果蔬市场外观局部,一个具有波浪起伏的屋顶的开放式结构,partial exterior view of the market which is an open structure with undulating ceilings ©️MVRDV 2018 – (Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs, Nathalie de Vries)

台南新华果蔬市场是建筑事务所MVRDV近期在台湾所做的一系列项目的延续。除本项目之外,MVRDV还设计了台南中轴线项目——通过改造两条主要街道和一个带有郁郁葱葱的泻湖的新公共广场,唤醒了台南中心地带的活力,以及最近在摩天楼竞赛中拔得头筹的、即将成为台北市中心的焦点的台北双子塔项目。建筑事务所MVRDV与建筑事务所LLJ Architects共同完成了台南新华果蔬市场的设计。目前,该项目的施工正在有条不紊地进行中,预计将于2020年底完工。

Tainan Xinhua Fruit and Vegetable Market continues MVRDV’s recent projects in Taiwan. These include the Tainan Axis, which revitalises central Tainan with improvements to two key streets and a new public square with a lush green lagoon, and the Taipei Twin Towers, a recently won competition for two skyscrapers which will become a focal point in the centre of the this city. The design of the Tainan Xinhua Fruit and Vegetable Market was completed with LLJ Architects. Construction is underway, with completion expected in late 2020.

▼果蔬市场室内,interior view of the market ©️MVRDV 2018 – (Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs, Nathalie de Vries)

Project Name: Tainan Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market 
Location: Tainan Xinhua district, Taiwan
Year: 2016+
Client: Tainan City Government Agriculture Bureau
Size and Programme: 80,000 m2 wholesale and auction market including 11,510 m2 roofed area (first phase) covering 180 market plots and space for auction, logistic, freezer storage and service facilities; administrative office, gates, and a roof-top restaurant.

Architect: MVRDV
Founding Partner in charge: Winy Maas
Partner/Director: Wenchian Shi
Design Team: Hui-Hsin Liao, Xiaoting Chen, Chi Yi Liao, Chiara Girolami, Enrico Pintabona, Maria Lopez, Gustavo van Staveren, Emma Rubeillon, Dong Min Lee, Jose Sanmartin, Cheng Cai, Nienhsun Huang.
Visualisations: Antonio Coco, Pavlos Ventouris
Copyright: MVRDV 2018 – (Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs, Nathalie de Vries)

Co-architects: LLJ Architects; 510 Wu Yi Ling Architects, Taipei, Taiwan
Landscape: The Urbanists Collaborative, Taipei, Taiwan
Structure: Columbus Engineering Consultants Inc., Taipei, Taiwan
Installation: Frontier Tech Institute, Taoyuang, Taiwan
Soil and Water: Kuo Soil and Water Technicians, Taipei, Taiwan

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