Taburete Tower by SZCZ (Jakub Szczęsny)

Temporary installation in frame of 5th edition of Concentrico Festival in Logroño, Spain

Project Specs


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Appreciation towards SZCZ (Jakub Szczęsny) for providing the following description:

或许有人会说这个凳塔展示了我们是如何重新分配社会上的商品的。也有人会说它是建筑师在年幼时未完成的一个梦想——建造一座摩天大楼,或者是墨西哥建筑师路易斯·巴拉干(Luis Barragan)在Ciudad Satelite郊区所设计的塔楼的二次表达。

Some could Say it’s a representation of how badly we redistribute the goods in our societies. Others would interpret it as architect’s childish yet unfulfilled dream of building a skyscraper or see in it a reference to Luis Barragan’s towers from Ciudad Satelite.

▼摩天楼般的凳塔,the skyscraper-like Taburete Tower


None of the above. It’s just a stack of fancily shaped plywood stools that for the period of Concentrico festival took a form of something recalling towers / skyscrappers or a termitiere.

▼凳塔外观,一个由形状跳脱的胶合板凳子堆叠起来的临时装置,exterior view of the Taburete Tower that is a temporary stack of fancily shaped plywood stools

▼凳塔外观局部,partial exterior view of the Taburete Tower

这个垂直的结构位于博爱慈善组织(Caritas charity organisation)的Farias住宅的庭院中。它位于洛格罗尼奥市(Logroño)的中世纪老城区中,朝向城区中一条名为Juan Lobo的狭窄街道的尽端,虽然这种设计看上去有点不合常理,但实际上,在窄街的尽头设置雄伟的雕塑或是钟楼是这里的传统。凳塔可以被拆解为数个重型板凳,当艺术节结束后,有兴趣的话,前来参加活动的人可以把它们带回家去。

This vertical accent was placed in the courtyard of Casa Farias belonging to Caritas charity organisation. It faced the end of narrow Juan Lobo street in medieval Old City in Logroño where surprisingly many narrow streets end up with imposing sculptures or campaniles. It was then dismantled into a number of heavy duty stools that people who cued on the morning of finissage could receive and bring home.

▼凳塔细节,每个板凳上都有方向各异的拱门形和圆形开口,details of the Taburete Tower, each stool has different oriented arched openings and circular openings

▼凳塔拼接细节,joint details of the Taburete Tower


This way all the effort that was put in designing, fabricating and assembling the installation will hopefully not be lost: people will remember the festival, the installation and the very author by using the stools in their everyday surrounding.

▼市民将拆解下来的重型板凳带回家,people bring the heavy duty stools dismantled from the Taburete Tower home

▼市民在日常生活中使用这些板凳,people use the stools in their everyday surroundings

Author: Jakub Szczęsny
Collaboration: Olga Bogdał
Curator: Javier Peña
Production: Irene F. Garijo
Date: March 2019
Photos: Peninsula, Josema Cutillas

More:  SZCZ (Jakub Szczęsny)        更多关于他们:SZCZ (Jakub Szczęsny) on gooood.

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