Table Zoo by RONG Design

Adorable animals on your table

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Table Zoo是一个桌面创新文具产品系列,设计通过提取小动物造型和姿态特质,将其与产品的功能性巧妙结合,从而打破常规文具产品冷淡沉闷的感受。青蛙伸长的舌头成了你拉开的胶带,刺猬的身体变成了图钉的家,小鸟身体被插上了你画笔的彩色羽毛。另一方面,设计试图剔除当下设计风潮所盛行的极简主义的语言风格,通过关注产品与人的情感联系,建立起感知与共鸣,让产品的使用焕发无限乐趣。

Table Zoo is a series innovative table accessories design project, which extracts the unique characteristics and shapes of adorable animals then integrates them with functions of tools for working table, in order to break the cold and dull images of the existing stationary products. On the other side, we attempt to rethink the current minimalist trends of design, and focus on the emotional connection between products and humans to arouse an emotional resonance, thus revive the products with fun.















More:  一融设计,更多关于他们:  RONG Design on gooood

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