Swinging Frames by noa*

Integrating 5 functions into one pavilion space

Project Specs


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摇摆框架(Swinging Frames)集成空间是noa* 建筑事务所为Pinei St. Ulrich酒店打造的一处新信息站点,建筑师将多种功能容纳于这个展亭空间中。多功能展亭是一个提供当地旅游景点和活动讯息的信息站空间,同时也是公共汽车站和年轻人、老年人的游乐场地。此外,它也是行人的庇护所,是供当地文化活动使用的灵活活动空间。Stefan Rier说:“项目的挑战是将五种功能整合到同一空间之中,让展亭不断向大众展示以新的形象。”

Swinging Frames: A hybrid space. noa* (network of architecture) creates a new infopoint for the Hotel Pinei St. Ulrich and shelter multiple use into one pavilion. The multifunctional pavilion offers space for an infopoint for local attractions and events, at the same time it is a bus stop and playground for young and old. In addition it’s a shelter for passengers and a flexible event-space for local cultural happenings. “…the challenge to integrate 5 functions into 1 space, that constantly reinvents itself.” – Stefan Rier

▼展亭外观,exterior of the pavilion

▼展亭具有五种功能:信息站、公交站、游乐场、庇护所、活动空间,the pavilion has five functions: infopoint, bus station, playground, shelter and event space

▼内部展示着旅游景点和活动的相关信息,space exhibits information for local attractions and events


Completion date:2012
Project team:noa* network of architecture
photographer:Alex Filz

More:noa* 。更多关于他们:noa* on gooood

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