Superblock of Sant Antoni by Leku Studio

Adaptable plaza on mesh

Project Specs


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▼ 项目概览,overview © DEL RIO BANI

The Eixample of Barcelona, characterised byits uniform, regular and extensive grid, shows a solid, mixed and highly densified city with a consolidated public space that now needs to reprogram and recycle itself to respond to a rapidly changing social, environmental and economic reality. Climate emergency, pollution and the lack of green and social spaces, drives an innovative transformation based on a new framework that draws a human, comfortable and healthy city.

▼ 巴塞罗那拓展区城市肌理,urban fabric of  the Eixample of Barcelona © Leku Studio


The Superblocks Program is one of the most ambitious urban transformations of the city with a plan that redefines the urban order by merging blocks into bigger units. A people-centred planning that offers the opportunity to gain new public spaces by creating proximity squares in the chamfer corners and green-healthy streets where previously there were cars.

▼ 道路转角处被开发为广场,曾经的车行道被重塑为绿色的健康街道,proximity squares in the chamfer corners and green-healthy streets where previously there were cars © DEL RIO BANI

该计划所覆盖的范围正在以灵活的方式逐步扩大。在这一过程中,设计单位采用了一系列测试性的,临时的,可逆的及可适应性策略。在过去的几年中,Leku studio也为此不断调整其规划手段。Sant Antoni是超级街区计划中的一处示范区,它很好地展现了社区中的超级街区模型,是如何逐步在灵活的城市环境中自适应地发展。

The scope of the plan is extensive and the transformation requires a progressive deployment and a flexible approach. Testing, temporary actions, reversibility and adaptability are essential ingredients of the process, and for this, new planning tools are needed that from the Leku Studio office has been working on during the last years. The Superblock of Sant Antoni is an example of this work, in which flexible urbanization has made effective the progressive and adaptive extension of the Superblock model in the neighbourhood. 

▼ 绿色街道鸟瞰,bird-view of the green street © DEL RIO BANI


Social, healthy and progressive | 社交,健康及成长


This urban strategy has made possible the progressive and soft extension of the new Superblock landscape in an open and participative way. Where previously there was an urban highway, now there is a healthy street full of life and green, where there was a traffic intersection now there is a liveable plaza. Car noise has been replaced by children playing, cheerful conversations between neighbours or elderly people chess games … The transformation continues together with this flexible landscape capable of integrating new changes derived from urban testing and social innovation.

▼ 交通路口轴测图,axonometric drawing of traffic intersection © Leku Studio


Flexible, modular and adaptive


The premise of the urbanization is the total reversibility, the adaptability and recycling of the new landscape. To this end, a strategy is designed incorporating a toolkit of adaptive urban furniture elements, a graphic style guide (patterns, signage, communication …) as well as a deployment methodology.

▼ 项目着眼于城市新景观的自适应性, project focuses on the adaptability of the new urban landscape © DEL RIO BANI


图形样式及标识 | Graphic style and signalling


The graphic language, the signage and the colour map are defined as well as the module that, as an extendable mesh, draws the basis of the new distribution. This serves as a guide and reference for the implementation of the graphic pattern and the arrangement of urban elements. The new graphic tile extends along the mesh settling and redistributing the spaces on the road.

▼ 地面图案设计为可拓展的网格,为空间划分提供参照,ground pattern is designed as an expandable mesh to provide a reference for space division © DEL RIO BANI

▼ 图案细节,detail of the pattern © DEL RIO BANI


自适应城市家具组合 | Adaptive urban furniture toolkit


The toolkit is designed following the modulation established by the base mesh being easily aggregated and combinable with each other, giving rise to a large number of combinations. These sets are key for the integration and extension of urban green as well as for the structuring of spaces. The use of eco-materials as well as the integration project. 

▼ 城市家具组合成绿色空间,urban furniture combinations serve as green space © DEL RIO BANI

▼ 各式各样的城市家具,various urban furniture © DEL RIO BANI

▼ 平面图,plan © Leku Studio

Name of the project: Superblock of Sant Antoni
Architecture Studio: Leku Studio
Architects:Jokin Santiago, Marta Sola
Client: Ayuntamiento de Barcelona

Year: 2019
Built area: 16.180m2
Location: Barcelona
Photography Credits: © DEL RIO BANI

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