SUPER NOVA by Volkan Alkanoglu DESIGN

The forming of new stars, growth, development and interaction

Project Specs

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美国设计工作室Volkan Alkanoglu DESIGN为科罗拉多州丹佛大学新教学楼的施佩尔画廊设计了一个十分具有太空感和漂浮感的“超新星”装置。装置也力求反映出名字的含义,在造型中表达新恒星诞生与发展的过程,用充满活力的动感形体演绎恒星的变迁。

The Super Nova project by Volkan Alkanoglu DESIGN was commissioned on behalf of Colorado Creative Industries and the University of Colorado in Denver. Located within the Speer Gallery of the New Academic Building, the installation is part of the University of Colorado Denver campus. The project is oriented towards Speer Boulevard and Downtown Denver and forms a complex assemblage of playful volumes floating in space.

By definition, a ‘Super Nova’ describes the forming of new stars, growth, development and interaction. The project is inspired by this dynamic expression of movement and evolution of form over time and projects these ideologies towards the academic campus and its vibrant community.




The initial concept for the design work consists of a series of formal ellipses representing the connectivity and unifying spirit within the UC Denver community. These basic ellipses are then moved, rotated, scaled, and ultimately distributed throughout space in a random sequence. Upon the connection of all ellipses to each other through single surfaces, the formation transforms into a series of open volumes and almost mazes alike structure. The structural logic for the installation is based on a hybrid system. Partly attached to the auditorium wall and partly suspended within the atrium space, the installation is carefully balanced, while its cantilevering components and structural layering challenge the notion of gravity.

Striving to be an example of 21st century public projects, the installation pushes the limits of technology, inspires its visitors, and resonates with a global audience. With a commitment to disciplinary innovation, the project features an unparalleled design vision constructed with the most leading edge technologies and fabrication methods.




Similar to the fabrication of an airplane, the project applies techniques of the aviation industry. Manufactured out of super light-weight aluminum panels, it consists of over 1000 individual, unique and custom CNC cut components. These individual components are assembled like a large 3-dimensional puzzle, forming an elegant, soft and dynamic volume. The assemblage of these components forms a complex and futuristic design. It is conceived as a precious network in both its sweeping and curvilinear form.


Design: Volkan Alkanoglu | DESIGN
Project Team: Volkan Alkanoglu, Matthew Au, David Moore, Austin Anderson
Structural Engineering: Laufs ED – New York
Installation: Demiurge LLC – Denver
Photography: Patrick Heagney – Atlanta
Client: University of Colorado Denver
Location: New Academic Building, Denver, CO, USA
Date: August 2015

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