SUPER MONKEY gym, China by Mur Mur Lab

The gym of future

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如何在日常中创造不一样,如何让打破常规创造未来,如何用设计和创新点燃人们心中的火花,是Mur Mur Lab和Supermonkey的共同认知和追求。在这个基础之上,保持独立的思考和判断就是至关重要的一点了:不复刻过去的我们,每一秒都活在现在,连接最好的未来。

How to create something different in the normal? How to break the formula to invent the future? How to use design and innovation to trigger the sparks of interests? These propositions are what Mur Mur Lab and Supermonkey pursue for. Upon this foundation, we share a belief that we should never replicate our past. We should live at this moment.

▼正对着来福士广场写字楼和商场之间通道的门面,facade facing the passage of Raffles square

当初猩猩找到Mur Mur Lab,猩猩已经在国内健身行业混出了名头,作为国内开创性简化年卡月卡季卡为按次数健身并设置奖励机制的唯一一家健身房,猩猩吸引了众多年轻人的宠爱。本可以躺在之前门店“标准化设计”的图纸上安然完成接下来的设计任务,但是出于对建筑和创意的追求,于是…… 在每一次为猩猩设计健身房的时候,Mur Mur Lab都像漫威电影一样给猩猩预埋了一个彩蛋。每每在新店开业,两位创始人乐滋滋去现场体验一把自己预留的“彩蛋”。比如,某种仪式感的进入方式;比如,某个制造惊喜相遇的休息等待区。

Before Supermonkey came to Mur Mur Lab to seek for the design, it has already been famous in the fitness industry. It is adored by many young people by its new idea of fitness. It could be another product of standardization. Yet, Mur Mur Lab always wants to try out something special. Like Marvel’s films, we prepare a surprise filled with elation and amazement for SuperMonkey.





正所谓“有趣的灵魂少之又少”,Mur Mur Lab的未来商店之路探索也从未停止过。如何将一个建筑师的审美转译到实用的商业店铺空间中?这听起来是一个鱼和熊掌如何兼得的命题——商业与艺术化如何兼容。落地一系列标准门店后,猩猩的另一位创始人跳跳带着samoon去了一处新的场地。人潮拥挤的上海人民广场来福士,写字楼和商场之间的一处通道是上下班白领必由之处。正对通道的是猩猩即将拿下的空间,原来是一家银行的后勤区域。

“Future Store” is a very important subject to experiment with of Mur Mur Lab’s current practice. Through the exploration of “Future store’, we want to answer a fundamental question: can commercial projects be experimental? Is something commercial compatible with something artful? After a series of standard retail stores, a new chance came up. This new store locates at the Raffles, near the People’s Square. It was a logistics area of a bank.

▼健身房外观,exterior view

▼从室外休息区看通道汀步,looking stepping stones of the passage from outdoor rest area




过去的痕迹在改造过程中被抹去了,不仅如此,新的门店还会在外在形式作出与周边环境不一样的突破。通过光和亮度,Mur Mur Lab做到了这一点。

The renovation dusted off the trace of an old gloomy space. It will bring excitement into the environment through light.

▼屋檐下,千盏灯泡和玉砂玻璃挂片共同制造的梦幻灯廊,the fantastical lighted hallway, forged with over 400 light bulbs and over 800 pieces of hanging frosted glass


Is light tangible? It is a fitness center enveloped by the white veil. The translucent metal curtain becomes the carrier of light and luminance. It forms a thick layer of light at the section. Steam is the first layer for entering the store. It conceal some details but allow the light to traverse through and to illuminate. The person enters the Supermonkey store through a series of stepping stone and then the surreal, oriental, expressionist arch bridge. The ultimate highlight presented to both the city and the interior, is the fantastical lighted hallway, forged with over 400 light bulbs and over 800 pieces of hanging frosted glass. This moment, spent in this whimsical, surrealist aisle, resting in one another’s eyes, is the entire reality.

▼仰望灯廊,looking up to the lighted hallway



This is a white Supermonkey, different from the common palette of black and yellow.
This is a future store, different from the others and shining like the universe.

▼灯廊下由金属网构成的走廊,corridor constructed by metal meshes






When you’re on the bridge looking at the world,
The world is looking at you.
The moon is in your dream,
You’re in someone else’s.

白色屏障就像一道帷幕,建立起了室内和室外的一道浅浅的阻隔。路人被帷幕轻轻挡在外面,又透过细孔看到透出的暖色和身影。好想加入?走过拱桥进入一个红白的差异世界,摈弃平庸,放下纷扰。过滤的光线最美,有感情的建筑更动人。当正午的光线透过白色金属网帷幔洒下来,照在左边红色休息椅的少女身上。你可以想象,许多平常的日子变得特别。建筑的精神性是真实存在的,它就隐藏在日常之中。室内,每一个人,都在挥洒和释放自己。对未来最大的慷慨,就是把一切都献给现在。对此,我深信不疑。Mur Mur Lab的创意从来不是涂脂抹粉的装饰,并坚持在创意种输出建筑学内核的设计观。

The white curtain establishes a break between the interior and the exterior. The passengers are gently kept off in the exterior, but they can see people’s movements and sweats through the veil. They can join in by passing through the red-and-white color-palette of world of difference. The filtered light is the most beautiful one. The architecture with emotions is the most touching one. As you can imagine, when the midday light illuminates a girl resting on the red bench, normal days are not normal anymore. The spirit of architecture exists in the daily life.

▼光线透过白色金属网帷幔洒下来,落在少女身上,light illuminates a girl resting on the red bench


▼构造过程,construction process



建筑设计:Mur Mur Lab

摄影师:CreatAR Images

ins: murmur.lab

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