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The ‘nature’ finally remains alone

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Super Matcha是位于韩国首尔的极简主义咖啡店,由Studio Unravel设计。干燥且未受影响的物料保持相等的距离。

Super Matcha is a minimalist coffee shop located in Seoul, South Korea, designed by Studio Unravel. Dry and unaffected materials are placed keeping an equal distance.

▼咖啡店入口,entrance to the coffee shop ©Sunghoon Han

▼咖啡店空间概览,interior view ©Sunghoon Han

当你面对“用眼睛看不见的东西”时,空间的真正含义就完成了,就像弗兰克·斯特拉(Frank Stella)所说的:“所见即所得”。 空间专注于你可以用什么来填补这个空白,而不只是保持空白。当抹茶的香味和精神融入到这片空地时,抹茶的“本质”终于得以保留。在这个狭窄而空荡的空间中,提供了特殊的机会来品尝和体验抹茶和茶道,这里没有不必要的干扰。

▼咖啡店标识,shop sign ©Sunghoon Han

▼与品牌颜色呼应的产品,the products responding to the brand identity ©Sunghoon Han

The true meaning of the space completes when you face ‘what you cannot see with your eyes’, just as Frank Stella said: “what you see is what you see.”. The space of Super Matcha Seongsu focuses on ‘what’ you can fill up the empty space with, and not just keeping the space blank. When the scent and spirit of Matcha melt into the empty area, the ‘nature’ of matcha finally remains alone. Special opportunity to enjoy and experience Matcha and tea ceremony is provided in this restrained and emptied space where there is no unnecessary interference but the act of burning Matcha is maximized.

▼店铺提供了特殊的机会来品尝和体验抹茶和茶道,special opportunity to enjoy and experience Matcha and tea ceremony is provided in this restrained and emptied space ©Sunghoon Han

▼吧台细部,bar counter detailed view

▼材质,material ©Sunghoon Han

▼置物架细部,shelf detailed view ©Sunghoon Han

▼吧台周围的就坐空间,the seating area surrounding the bar ©Sunghoon Han

▼从室内望向入口,view to the entrance

▼座位空间局部,seating area partial view ©Sunghoon Han

▼极简空间,a minimalist space ©Sunghoon Han

▼灯光,lighting ©Sunghoon Han

▼铺地,paving ©Sunghoon Han

▼室内光影,light and shadows ©Sunghoon Han

▼入口区域肌理,the texture of entrance area ©Sunghoon Han

▼“ Super Matcha” ©Sunghoon Han

项目名称 : Super Matcha
设计方 :Creative Studio Unravel
公司官网 :
联系邮箱 :
项目设计&完成年份 : 2019年 10月
主创及设计团队 :Creative Studio Unravel
项目地址 : 1F, 19, Seoulsup 6-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
建筑面积 : 177.20㎡
摄影版权 : Sunghoon, Han

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