Studio Dental by Montalba Architects

A gallery-like environment for patients

Project Specs

来自 Montalba Architects 对gooood的分享。Appreciation towards Montalba Architects for providing the following description:

在充分尊重历史性元素的基础上为空间赋予现代美感,Montalba Architects为这间牙科诊所打造出如画廊般宁静而优雅的氛围。该建筑位于旧金山的一个发展迅速的商业区,保留了与之前的办公室项目同样别致和具有创新性的涂有灰泥的砖墙表面。设计的重点是藏于建筑昏暗内核中的概念上的“灯箱”,它作为建筑内部的框架,为各功能区域带来了尺度感、光亮以及透明感。粗糙的外墙与反光的玻璃窗在材料上形成反差,可用作储存空间的白栎木柱廊标示出每间诊室的入口所在。

By honoring the historic elements of the base building while defining the space with a modern aesthetic, Montalba Architects created an elevated environment that feels gallery-like and serene. Situated within a rapidly developing neighborhood in San Francisco’s financial district, the brick and mortar location is as unique and revolutionary as their previous office on wheels. The design centers on a conceptual ‘lantern’ within the dark building core, which communicates a volumetric sense of scale, luminescence and transparency to serve as the framework for the series of operatories within. Moments of material contrast are introduced within the rough wall perimeter, reflective framed panels and the central colonnade of monolithic white oak that serves as functional storage and defines the entry to each private patient room.

▼建筑外观,external view

▼“灯箱”的概念是设计的核心所在,the design centers on a conceptual ‘lantern’ within the dark building core



▼白栎木柱廊可用作存储空间,monolithic white oak serves as functional storage


▼诊室,patient room





Location:San Francisco
Architect in Charge:David Montalba
Area:1800.0 ft2
Photographs:Kevin Scott

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