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来自 Wild Drawing 对gooood的分享。Appreciation towards Wild Drawing for providing the following description:

WD (Wild Drawing)是一位出生并成长于印尼巴厘岛的艺术家,同时拥有美术和应用艺术学位。WD从2000年起开始作为街头艺术家活动,并同时兼顾工作室的项目。他曾在亚洲、欧洲和美洲等地举办个人展并参与各类涂鸦/街头艺术节,其作品也曾多次在全球街头艺术期刊中发布。

WD (Wild Drawing) was born and raised on Bali Indonesia and has degrees in both Fine Arts and Applied Arts. He started off as street artist in 2000 and from that time he spends most of his time to work in the streets, even though he never stopped working in his studio. He has held solo exhibitions and participated in group shows and graffiti/street art festivals in Asia, Europe and America. Furthermore his work has been featured in books for Street Art globally.


Time Hole, Greece ©Wild Drawing


His East – West cultural background is combined in a unique way that makes his style so recognisable. He focuses on large-scale murals that realized basically with roller brush and acrylic paints. WD is always trying to interact with the spot where he is working, by incorporating various elements of it into his work, so there is harmony between the mural and the spot where it was created. His work which is of realistic technique, mostly anamorphic, is influenced by Comics, Graphic Novels and Fantastic Art while he gets inspired by social phenomena, lifestyle, art or nature.


The Griffin, Sweden ©Wild Drawing


Knowledge speaks – Wisdom listens,Greece ©Wild Drawing


Yin and Yang, China ©Wild Drawing


Helixotherapy, The Netherlands ©Wild Drawing


Flirting, Albania ©Wild Drawing


Journey, Germany ©Wild Drawing


What he loves about Street Art is the freedom of expression and the fact that Street Art is freely accessed by everyone without social, economic, cultural or other limitations. Moreover through his art has the chance to speak about the big issue of re-appropriation of the Public Space. These facts outweigh the ephemeral nature of his art. After all, if he was interested in making works that stand the test of time he would do canvas paintings only. WD is based in Athens, Greece.


Third Eye, Greece ©Wild Drawing


Pianist’s room, Sweden ©Wild Drawing


Study, Naxos Greece ©Wild Drawing


Connection,Canada ©Wild Drawing


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