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LAYER事务所的创始人Benjamin Hubert近日为家居品牌Muuto设计了Strand系列灯具。该系列包含四款由精致钢架构成的优雅吊灯,外部包覆着新型的茧式材料。这是LAYER为Muuto设计的第一套产品,而Benjamin Hubert也是首个与该品牌合作的英国设计师。Strand系列将于伦敦设计周期间(2019年9月14日至22日)在Heal’s的Muuto专柜推出。

Benjamin Hubert of experience design agency LAYER has designed Strand for Muuto. The collection comprises four elegant pendant lamps constructed from a finely crafted steel frame over which an innovative cocooning material has been sprayed. This is the first product designed by LAYER for Muuto, and Benjamin Hubert is the first British designer to work with the Scandinavian brand. The Strand Pendant Lamps will launch at Muuto in Heal’s during London Design Festival, which runs from 14-22 September 2019.

▼Strand系列吊灯,Strand collection


The Strand collection was driven by a desire to create a series of lamps with expressive yet simple contemporary forms using a minimal amount of material. The lightweight and fine steel framework is covered with a very thin yet robust fibrous material to create a form with a large volume and small material impact.

▼有着中性色调的吊灯, pendant lamp with neutral tones


The Strand collection is informed by the softly rectilinear forms of archetypal industrial lighting often used in public spaces. By using a neutral palette of materials, these forms are adapted for a wide range of interior environments, from domestic to hospitality and commercial. Strand is available in four different sizes and shapes, which can be hung individually or clustered together to create a statement installation. Both individually and together, the lamps appear to hover lightly in space, bringing harmony and a refined sensitivity to any room. The neutral white palette emphasises the form and materiality.

▼处于居家环境中的组合吊灯,the pendant lamps that are in home environment

▼吊灯好似轻盈地悬浮在空中,为房间带来和谐而精致的感觉,lamps seem to float lightly in the air, bringing a harmonious and delicate feeling to the room


The Strand collection will be launched at the Muuto space on the second floor of Heal’s furniture store in Bloomsbury, London, during London Design Festival. The installation, also designed by LAYER, reflects the simplicity and materiality of the product and makes the most of the light-filled space. A translucent curtain material hangs over the large windows, diffusing natural light into the interior and giving the impression of being inside one of the Strand lamps. The space is divided into two – a domestic living setting that showcases individual lamps; and a large statement “cluster” installation in the main entrance.

▼吊灯在高挑的空间中有着更明显的漂浮感,the lamp has a more pronounced sense of floating in the elevated space

“我们很自豪能成为首个与著名的斯堪的纳维亚设计品牌Muuto合作的英国设计师团队。我们和这个品牌有着共同的目标,那就是设计出简洁实用的产品,让每一个普通家庭都可以拥有它,将它从设计展上直接带回家中安装使用。在Strand系列产品中,我们打造了几款柔和的大吊灯,它们散发着温暖而敏感的光线。”Benjamin Hubert说道。

“We are proud to be the first British designers to work with renowned Scandinavian design brand Muuto. As a brand, they are aligned with our ambition to create simple and accessible design that can be owned by many and seamlessly integrated into the home. With Strand, we have created a collection of softly voluminous pendant lamps that exude gentleness and sensitivity.”Benjamin Hubert said.

▼Strand系列吊灯产品图,the product image

Benjamin Hubert将于9月19日周四下午18时30分在Muuto空间参加伦敦设计周,届时他将与大家分享更多创作背后的故事。

Benjamin Hubert will be sharing the studio’s thinking behind the project during a talk for London Design Festival in the Muuto space at 18.30 on Thursday 19th September.


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