Step, Store 12, Málaga by Studio Animal

the sloping walls balance functional requirements and aesthetic requirements

Project Specs


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Step商店以倾斜的室内构造为特色,为顾客提供了不受传统几何规则束缚的空间体验。在与业主的合作中,设计师一直致力于发展以几何形状和颜色为主导的设计策略,创造出难以忘怀的购物体验。Step商店是Studio Animal一系列作品中特征最鲜明的一个,统一的手法和颜色既满足了使用的基本功能,也符合美学要求。可以看到,成功的零售空间能够在功能和美学之间取得平衡。

facade of the store © José Hevia

Step is the construction of an oblique space, and with it, an exceptional spatial experience that offers the visitor an opportunity to inhabit a place not governed by Euclidean dimensions. Throughout our collaborations with this client, we have been developing strategies capable of generating memorable shopping experiences, always through the use of geometry and color. This is the most radical exercise in this sense: a single gesture and a single color provide the solution to both the programmatic and functional requirements as well as to the aesthetic ones, concluding that both go hand in hand and that the success of a retail project depends on their balance.

overview © José Hevia


The section solves the piece spatially and functionally. The inclination of both side walls creates and orders the product display surfaces. Two 10 meter long stepped walls appear. The staggered order the product in a natural way and optimizes the exhibition space. 

the inclination of both side walls © José Hevia


The sneakers are placed on the left wall. On the opposite wall, staggered in the opposite direction, bags and backpacks are displayed, which following their own nature and that of the wall itself, are shown off the hook.

the sneakers placed on the left wall © José Hevia

bags shown off the hook © José Hevia

the display following the own nature of bags © José Hevia


On the other hand, this arrangement allows maximum use of the store space, since the sloping wall leaves behind a generous space that allow its use as a store warehouse. The roof and the floor of the store are two fundamental elements in this operation. Both reinforce this exercise in geometry. The ceiling is a large mirror surface that reflects the entire interior space, building the illusion of its continuation and generating the perception of a very slender interior space. Reproduction remains in the visitor’s unconscious thanks to this reflection of the brand’s logo, the X, which to some extent causes this work with oblique geometries and diagonal spaces.

the wall reflecting the brand logo © José Hevia

details © José Hevia


Finally, this exhibition is complemented by a series of furniture also with a mirror envelope, on which to compose product still lifes or sit down to try on footwear.

axonometric drawing © Studio Animal

plan © Studio Animal

plan © Studio Animal

elevation © Studio Animal

sections © Studio Animal

McArthurGlen Designer Outlet
Alfonso Ponce de León Street, 6, 29004 Málaga
Author: Studio Animal (Javier J. Iniesta)
Collaborators: Marta Múñoz

Client: Munich Sports
m2 78
Builder: Novodecor
Photographs: José Hevia

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