Stellar, light installation, Madrid by Ben Busche / Brut Deluxe

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The light installation, denominated stellar, is a site-specific design by commission of the City of Madrid for the emblematic 210m long street stretch between Puerta de Alcala and Plaza Cibeles, where calle Alcala is 32m broad and flanked on both sides by plane trees. The street is orientated from East to West.The installation consists of a dense, blue coloured system of lines that zig zag over the whole span of the street, building up a textile-like, artificial sky with some areas apparently stressed and vacant and others compressed and dense containing thousands of blinking stars.

▼夜幕降临后的“恒星”效果,night view of Stellar


Endowed with a palpable orientation, the installation aligns with both our star system, a subtle but notable presence through the slow journey of the moon along the tracks of the blue lines, and the constant traffic on the street below, a dynamic system that is enforced and emphasized in our installation. The spectator is immersed in an artificial atmosphere resembling the constant spin of the stars in zero gravity.

▼6km长的照明网络与街道顺势布置,凸显了动态感,the 6km lightning system along the avenue aims at emphasizing dynamic feeling.


The installation is realised with blue coloured LED light rope with a total length of 6km on 5mm stainless steel cables and 480 vertical light motives holding a total of 7680 LED light bulbs, summing to an installed power of 16,5kW.

▼设置在垂直照明上的7680个LED灯泡宛若点点繁星,  与街道尽在咫尺,the 7680 LED light bulbs set on the vertical lighting installations like stars shining in the avenue.

▼整个照明设施是将蓝色LED灯绳附在5mm的不锈钢电缆上搭建而成, the installation is realised with blue coloured LED light rope on 5mm stainless steel cables.

design: Ben Busche / Brut Deluxe
team: Jesús Francisco Rodríguez Pedrosa, Elisa Luda
client: City Council Madrid
constructor: Ximenez SA
area: calle Alcala, 210 m length, 16.5kW
photography + video: Miguel de Guzmán / Rocío Romero
status: temporary/ built

More: Brut Deluxe , 更多关于他们:Brut Deluxe on gooood

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