Steel Moment Coffee Shop and Bakery by Assemble Project

Bring the garden indoors

Project Specs


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设计任务 | What was the brief?


We started to create a design concept direction from the idea of how to overcome the high floor height and level differences of the original building. In order to effectively solve the level difference, different levels of floors were created at the center of the space, and huge partitions were created to intentionally create various movements. Resultingly various space compartment was planned.

▼店铺立面,facade ©Guen Young Cho

▼户外座椅,outdoor seating ©Guen Young Cho


主要挑战 | What were the key challenges?


How draws the landscape in the space from garden of outside, separates the space with various movements, and allows you can have special experiences from the inside.

▼室内向花园开放,the interior opens to the garden ©Guen Young Cho

▼花园,garden ©Guen Young Cho

▼花园一角,corner of the garden ©Guen Young Cho

▼座位区与景观充分结合,the seating area is fully integrated with the landscape ©Guen Young Cho

▼阳光下的座位区,seating area in the sun ©Guen Young Cho


材料选择及原因 | What materials did you choose and why?


By using terracotta tiles, it was intended to harmonize with the color of the original building facade and to remind you of a large pot that can contain landscapes inside and outside. And hot rolled steel sheet plate was appropriate considering the details that could look thin but intentionally thick while separating the movement lines while considering the impressive materials and colors compared to the terracotta tiles.

▼中央公共空间,the central public space ©Guen Young Cho

▼标高不同的地面,different levels of floors ©Guen Young Cho

▼座位区一瞥,a glance to central seating area ©Guen Young Cho

▼热轧钢板隔断,hot rolled steel sheet plate ©Guen Young Cho

▼热轧钢板与陶土砖形成鲜明对比 ©Guen Young Cho
hot rolled steel plate is contrasted with terracotta tile

▼陶土砖细部,details of  terracotta tile ©Guen Young Cho

▼热轧钢板细部,details of  hot rolled steel sheet plate ©Guen Young Cho

▼照明细部,details of  lighting ©Guen Young Cho

▼平面图,plan ©Assemble Project

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