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“巨大的方形体量悬浮在另一个方形体量之内。人们从混凝土的缝隙间仰望着蓝天,视线也随着移动,在室内外间穿行。” -Massimiliano Fuksas
“The suspension of a volume within another. See the sky through the concrete, outside, inside, outside” -Massimiliano Fuksas


This project won the national competition organised by the Italian Episcopal Conference to design new parish centres: “to provide an innovative and decisive landmark in accordance with the latest international research and symbolising the rebirth of the city after the earthquake”.

▽ 雪山下的灰白建筑,the grey color of the building in accordance with the snow mountains

St. Paolo Church by FUKSAS-1


The parish complex is made up of two main elements that are identified by the functions of the religious centre. The first element, the Church, is a monolith of pure geometry which accommodates the suspension of a volume within another, while drawing attention to the sense of verticality. The dimensions of the major external volume, 30 x 22,5 meters and 25 meters high, correspond to the dimensions of the room. The second element, an extended and short parallelepiped, houses the Vestry, the premises of the Pastoral Ministry and the Rectory.

▽ 建筑体量,external view

30 Ottobre 2009

▽ 立面上不规则的开口与窗洞,the irregular openings on the facade

30 Ottobre 2009

Studio Fuksas - Chiesa San Giacomo - Foligno

▽ 教堂内部的悬浮体量,the suspension of a volume within another

Chiesa a Foligno - Arch. M. Fuksas


A third translucent body, the Ferial Chapel, connects and separates the two main elements. Inside the monolith, a perimetral cut offering a glance of the sky lights up the interstitial space between the two volumes contained one within the other.

▽ 阳光透过天窗洒落在缝隙之间,a perimetral cut lights up the interstitial space

Chiesa a Foligno - Arch. M. Fuksas

21 febbraio 2009


Structural elements in the shape of a pyramidal frustum connect the external volume to the suspended one and create openings having the same geometrical shape that are carved on the northern and southern sides of both volumes. From these openings – with an irregular cut – beams of light enter directly inside the room. The interior was intended to emphasize the centrality of the Altar, whereas the Baptismal Font and the Ambon are located asymmetrically to the former. The dominant idea is to underline the active role of the celebrating Assembly.

▽ 支撑着悬浮体的梯形体量,structural elements in the shape of a pyramidal frustum

21 febbraio 2009

▽ 对称式的布局,symmetrically set up of the interior

30 2009

▽ 阳光与变幻的光影,beams of light enter directly inside the room

Studio Fuksas - Chiesa San Giacomo - Foligno


The design of the interior and the lighting bodies evokes the idea of essentiality and purity. The sober shape of the oak pews inspires meditation. The religious ornaments made of stone, such as the Altar, the Ambon and the Baptismal Font, are emphasized by the beams of light crossing the monolith both vertically and obliquely. The effect created during the day by the natural light is recreated at night by hanging lights whose angular shape retraces the profile of the openings carved on both volumes.

▽ 低调的室内软装设计,the design of the interior inspires meditation

Studio Fuksas - Chiesa San Paolo - Foligno

▽ 阳光撒落在室内空间,塑造出神秘的氛围,the beams of light crossing the monolith

Studio Fuksas - Chiesa San Giacomo - Foligno

St. Paolo Church by FUKSAS-12


The Master Enzo Cucchi has created the monument “Stele-Croce” for the area outside the Church, a 13,50 meter high sculpture, made of concrete and Carrara white marble, that also becomes an architectural element. The Master Mimmo Paladino has created the 14 iron sculptures representing the Stations of the Cross.

▽ 建筑与雕塑作品“Stele-Croce”,the building and the monument “Stele-Croce”

Chiesa a Foligno - Arch. M. Fuksas

SITE: Foligno, Perugia, Italy
ADDRESS: Via del Roccolo, Foligno, Perugia
PERIOD: 2001-2009
CLIENT: Italian Episcopal Conference – Diocesi of Foligno
ARCHITECTS: Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas
CONTRACTOR: Ediltecnica SpA, Foligno AREA 1,300 sq. m.
INTERVENTION AREA: 20,690 sq. m.
STRUCTURES AND ENGINEERING:AI ENGINEERING s.r.l.,Torino; Engineer Gilberto Sarti, Rimini
ARTISTIC INTERVENTIONS: Enzo Cucchi, Mimmo Paladino
Sacred furniture in stone FUKSAS DESIGN:Scalpellino Maurizio Volpi
Sacred furniture in wood FUKSAS DESIGN:Falegnameria Bertini Lighting
FUKSAS DESIGN:iGuzzini lighting
COST: 3,600,000 Euros

Drawings: Fuksas
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Chinese Text: gooood

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